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LACMA to Show Sam Doyle


In coming weeks, the American Folk Art Museum’s 53rd street building will be demolished and its copper-bronze facade put into storage for unspecified future use. On the opposite coast LACMA will… More ›

Insider-Outsiders at CAAM


The California African American Museum’s “Soul-Stirring: African American Self-Taught Artists from the South” features artists usually categorized as “folk” or… More ›

The Kelley Collection at CAAM


Single-collection (“fluff”) shows don’t get much respect. But West Coast audiences would have quite a wait to see the equal of the California African American Museum’s current… More ›

Harlem Renaissance History Painting in L.A.


Fluff shows of corporate art collections are generally the lowest of the low. An exception is at the California African American Museum through next June. “The Legacy of the Golden State Mutual… More ›

The Tree of Art


In May 1933 Vanity Fair magazine ran a cheeky illustration billed as “The Tree of Modern Art—Planted 60 Years Ago.” The artist was Miguel Covarrubias, a Mexican-born caricaturist who was… More ›

Betye Saar: “CAGE” at CAAM


The California African American Museum is showing a series of assemblages and collages by Betye Saar, godmother of California Assemblage. Most involve literal bird cages, filled to bursting with a… More ›