William Pope.L’s Ragged Old Flag

Dark since Hello Kitty Con 2014, MOCA Geffen has made an deft segue to “William Pope.L: Trinket.” (You can never have too many friends! to The Friendliest Black Artist in America.) The… More ›

William Pope.L, "Trinket" at MOCA

Whatever Happened to LACMA’s Goya?

Christopher Knight may have just solved a mystery. What became of Norbert Kricke’s Space Sculpture, the modernistic centerpiece of LACMA’s 1965 campus? (You’ll find the apparent… More ›

After Goya, "Marquesa of Santa Cruz," Ralph Crane photo for LIFE magazine

Tapestries of Louis XIV Coming to Getty

Late last year both the Getty and the Metropolitan Museum opened high-profile shows of tapestries. This December the Getty will return to the medium with “Woven Gold: Tapestries of Louis… More ›

Louis XIV in Gobelins tapestry, "The Month of December"

NY, LA Nearly Tied in Contemporary Shows

The Art Newspaper, which reports that artists from five galleries get 1/3 of all museum shows, also offers this provocative statistic: Los Angeles museums are organizing virtually as many shows of… More ›


Feminist Surrealism 101 in Long Beach

Diego Rivera loved America—Frida Kahlo, not so much. That’s the subtext of the current Detroit show and of Kahlo’s painting-collage, My Dress Hangs There, (1933-), now on view at the… More ›

Leonora Carrington

LACMA Turns 50

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art opened to the public on April 1, 1965. See how many museum supporters, celebrities, and artworks you can recognize in these photos by Ralph Crane of LIFE magazine,… More ›

Group 1

A Jurassic Technology Bestiary

Smithsonian magazine has a feature on “Los Angeles’s Strangest Museum.” You can probably guess that that’s the Museum of Jurassic Technology (in Culver City). Matt Blitz quotes… More ›

Russian Space Dog portraits

Meet the Broad’s Hipster Cousin

The construction of the Broad has revived interest in another building with a “veil.” That’s Daniel, Mann, Johnson, and Mendenhall’s American Cement Building (1964) at 2404… More ›

American Cement-the Broad

How Anna Whistler Became Norma Bates

Through June 22 the Norton Simon Museum is showing three magnificent paintings from the Musée d’Orsay. One of them—James Abbott McNeill Whistler’s Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1… More ›

Norman Rockwell, "Thanksgiving", 1945

Splish Splash

Last night Christopher Hawthorne hosted “A Debate Over the New LACMA” at Occidental College. There was some discussion of the merits (or lack thereof) of William Pereira’s 1965 LACMA… More ›

William Pereira, LACMA

Sturtevant’s Blurred Lines

Sturtevant was the first and most relentless appropriationist, making a career out of making close copies of other artists’ work. What are we to make of her art? You won’t find any easy… More ›

Sturtevant, "Elastic Tango"

LACMA Buys a Bernini at TEFAF

The Art Tribune is reporting that LACMA has bought a major Gian Lorenzo Bernini portait bust at TEFAF. Ursula Schlegel first identified the bust as a Bernini in 1992. It appeared in the Getty’s… More ›

Bernini, Portrait of an Unknown Gentleman

LACMA Is #4, on Instagram

LACMA is  the 4th-most Instagrammed museum in the world. Michael Govan has lately adopted this as a talking point, crediting the public artworks Urban Light and Levitated Mass for the ranking. The… More ›

Urban Light, Instagram photo

“Zeitgeist” at the Getty

A 2011 Getty Museum show marked the acquisition of a group of 19th-century German drawings. Four years later the Getty is offering “Zeitgeist: Art in the Germanic World, 1800-1900.”… More ›

Friedrich Preller, portrait of Jan Antoon Verschaeren

Larry Sultan’s Mom Is a Meme

Larry Sultan’s My Mother Posing for Me (1984), in the artist’s LACMA retrospective, has caught the eye of Twitter wit Uncle Dynamite (@UncleDynamite). SEE ALSO Joseph Ducreux, Master of… More ›


Pride and Prejudice and Earthquakes

Anyone looking to write a sequel to those Jane Austen/zombie mashups might consider earthquakes. An 1750 letter by Austen’s relation James Leigh, part of a group of family letters recently… More ›

Leigh family letters

Anti-Björk at the Forest Lawn Museum

Björk, schmjörk. L.A. audiences interested in the intersection of art and alt/pop have an alternative in “Revolutions 2: The Art of Music” at the Forest Lawn Museum, Glendale. Forest… More ›

Neon Park, "Prince, Purple Rain"

Tale of Two Cities

Once upon a time Mexico had two cities named Los Angeles. Puebla de los Ángeles was a wealthy, populous center of the arts. Its poor sister, Pueblo de Nuestra Señor de los Angeles, was a cultural… More ›

Puebla de los Angeles pottery

A Space Odyssey for Calif. Science Center

The California Science Center is to be the permanent home for a $6 million, NASA-co-organized space station exhibit now at the Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul. The most-buzzed-about feature… More ›

Still from Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey"