A Tatted Museum Assembled by Drones

Old Bank District Museum

L.A. has no drought of museum architecture reportage, but one project deserves more attention than it’s getting: Tom Wiscombe’s increasingly fantastic renderings for the projected Old Bank District Museum in downtown L.A. Above is the rooftop café, which comes with its own proprietary tattoo design.


Below is a street view. The project, planned for 4th and Main, incorporates existing buildings and will preserve bank vaults and pneumatic tubes. Developer-founder Tom Gilmore intends to show contemporary L.A. artists of “the deviant, up-and-coming variety.”

Street View

Diagram of building elements

One Wiscombe image is an exploded-view assembly diagram featuring a Void, Fake Shadow, and Infinity Chamber. There seems to be some thought of having the museum assembled by drones. Drones