Raphael, Vermeer to Visit San Diego’s Troubled “Frick”

Judith H. Dobrzynski has the fullest story I’ve yet seen on John Wilson’s sudden resignation as director of San Diego’s Timken Museum of Art, the small institution once billed as “the Frick of the Pacific.” Dobrzynski also reveals that London’s National Gallery will be lending a Raphael and a Vermeer to the Timken for its 50th anniversary in 2015. (Shown, one of the National Gallery’s two comparably fine Vermeers, A Young Woman Seated at a Virginal.)

It will be interesting to see how they handle the crowds. When Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring was shown at the Frick Collection (a.k.a. the Timken of the East), crowds waited three hours in 5-degree weather to pay $20 a head. The Timken is free, and it’s always sunny in San Diego.

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