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John Baldessari, Barbara Kruger, and Catherine Opie have rejoined the MOCA board, along with Mark Grotjahn. That brings the number of artist-trustees back to four.

I’ve never understood why the artist-trustee concept hasn’t been more widely adopted—what’s not to like? The Hammer Museum has an Artist Council of 15 artists, plus Kruger and Lari Pittman on the Board of Overseers, and Frank Gehry on the Board of Directors. SFMOMA has Ed Ruscha (he’s MOCA-board diaspora, of course). But artists of this stature are rarely found on museum boards outside of California.

(Shown, Grotjahn’s 1997 Untitled [three-tiered perspective] from MOCA’s collection.)

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  1. Because only those who are collector darlings and investment brown nosers wil get in. While Grothjahn recently has made some excellent work, his earlier stuff above is completely forgettable. The others are forever so except in the art scene. Politics of the academics and other assorted mediocrities. Gehry needs to thank god for burnished steel or his entire oeuvre would be tinker toy cheap looking with terrible awkward and wasteful interiors the rule. He can play at begin a sculptor now. Fishy.

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