LACMA Adds Silver Shrine Doors

Julian Sands has given LACMA a pair of silver Shrine Doors with Indra, Divine Regent of the East, from Gujarat, India, late 19th century. Over 5 feet high and finely detailed in repoussé silver, the doors are now on display on the top floor of the Ahmanson Building.

Sands is a British-born actor (A Room with a View, Dexter) and collector of Indian and Himalayan silver. In a 2010 interview for LACMA’s “Unframed” blog Sands said,

“I don’t think of myself as a collector. I spend a lot of time on mountains doing marathons in remote places where you are carrying with you the minimum you need to exist: a tent, a bed, some fuel, some food. That’s your world. I acquire things with the ferocity of a pirate, but like a pirate I just like to dig a hole in the sand and drop it in and head off for more. It’s an insatiable greed, foiled by this Trappist like renunciation.”

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