LACMA Beckmann Was Owned by Munich Hoarder’s Dad

The Art Newspaper reports that LACMA’s new Max Beckmann, Bar, Braun, was once owned by Hildebrand Gurlitt. If the name sounds familiar, he was the father of Cornelius Gurlitt, the guy with a cache of 1400 artworks in his Munich apartment. The elder Gurlitt was a dealer who sold works confiscated from Jews and bought for Hitler’s planned museum. But his connection to Beckmann seems to have been benign. Gurlitt bought from┬áBeckmann when he was considered a “degenerate artist” and was barely able to make a living. After the war, Gurlitt was one of the first German dealers to show Beckmann. Bar, Braun, was acquired directly from the artist.

UPDATE (Feb. 5, 2014). Timothy O. Benson writes on Bar, Braun‘s provenance on LACMA’s Unframed blog.

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