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Chicago in L.A. (in Brooklyn)

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Add Judy Chicago to the list of Los Angeles artists getting major New York museum shows. “Chicago in L.A.: Judy Chicago’s Early Work 1963-74″ opens at the Brooklyn Museum April 4, 2014, and runs through Sept. 28.

“I won’t show in any group defined as Woman, Jewish, or California,” Chicago declared in 1968. “Someday when we all grow up there will be no labels.” In group exhibitions of 60s/70s West Coast art, Chicago’s work always stands out. Can’t somebody bring this show to L.A.? (Pictured, Heaven Is for White Men Only, c. 1972)

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  1. AKA The artscene is for white people only. (In America, Jews are White).

  2. In a reverse of this, Miles Davsi(a real artist) also wanted there to be no labels, that jazz was a white mans word. He just made more music. However, without the term how would one look his work up in the abyss of bad sounds out there? Of course, the marketing term soft jazz has come along for rich marketing white folks to water art down and sell what is truly instrumental RandB(black pop). And new generations think Kenny g is jazz. AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

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