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MOCA’s press release announcing Philippe Vergne’s appointment as director has quotes from all four of the artist-trustees who resigned in protest of Jeffrey Deitch’s leadership. Catherine Opie is “personally thrilled,” and John Baldessari is “100% excited.” Barbara Kruger praises Vergne’s “deep appreciation of MOCA’s rigor,” and Ed Ruscha deems him “the most artist friendly and at the same time most community friendly choice to steer our ship.”

In The New York Times—speaking before the Vergne announcement—Diana Thater said: “We don’t want someone coming into town the way Jeffrey Deitch did, announcing immediately his own curatorial plans. We’re not interested in his personal plans. We’re interested in his plans for hiring more curators and how he’s going to manage the so-called $100 million endowment.”

(Pictured, Vergne holding a Frank Gaard painting the artist gave him when he left the Walker Art Center.)

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  1. I was speaking to Jori before the hire was announced. It was a general comment about the new director – whomever it might be. It wasn’t specifically a criticism of Philippe Vergne.

  2. by William Poundstone

    Thanks for the clarification on the timing of the NYT quote—I’ve reworded the post.

  3. Umm, thats a painting? Why? Just because some hack with a bought degree signed it?
    Its a POSTER, and MoCA about Imposters.
    It has nothing to do with us, but the inbred academic world. Just more inexperieencec of life entitled white folks.
    You know, trust fund hippies.

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