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MOCA Grand Avenue’s “Room to Live: Recent Acquisitions and Works From the Collection” hasn’t gotten a whole lot of attention. Curated by Bennett Simpson, it’s a permanent collection show of artists who have emerged in the Obama (Deitch?) years, without household names or curatorial high concepts. MOCA’s acquisition funds are modest compared to the few other museums in its league. “Room to Live,” heavy on L.A. artists, demonstrates how smart MOCA’s collecting has been recently.

For many, the show’s selling point will be the Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch video installation, B: Settings, acquired earlier this year. At the time of the work’s original L.A.-New York-Paris tour (2010-2011), everybody swore up and down that Trecartin was the future of art. Peter Schejeldahl touted him as “the most consequential artist to have emerged since the nineteen-eighties.” For Christopher Knight, Trecartin was “Edouard Manet with an iPad,” and for Holland Cotter, he was “game-changing.”

That kind of talk almost demands a reversion to the mean. When art is utterly of the moment (Trecartin’s “work looks and feels like life today”—Jeffrey Deitch) that usually means that, three years later, it will look and feel like an iPad 2 next to an iPad 5. Scores of ambitious artists have spent the past three years trying to out-Trecartin Trecartin. The CW network has.

I found B: Settings just as mesmerizing this time around. Shown here is one of four room-size components, The Re’Search (Re’Search Wait’S)Re’Search is a mumblecore music video reality show poetry slam that’s better than 99 percent of the works slotted into one of those pigeonholes. It still looks like the future, three years and counting.

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  1. Well, don’t have a lot of time to waste at MoCA right now, but look at the bozos vimeo and left it up for my coworkers. Got a laugh, though the Mexicanos and Chapines were confused, and then went back to following the Saints game.

    At least i didn’t waste all 42 minutes, but would be great on Tosh.0.
    And I thought my 24 year old was a narcissist. Sheesh.
    Wouldn’t show it to my 29 year old Annapolis grad Dr. or he might switch sides to the Taliban.
    They may be aszholes, but they ain’t completely wrong either. The West is a Mess.

    And they give these idgets parents tax cuts? Socialism sounds better and better, with art schools being completely privatized of course, as they should be. pay up or get a real job. Hopefully installing car windshields.

  2. Of course it could be a generational thing, like as getting dumber and dumber by the spoiled asz child. Was horrified/shocked going into a Forever 21 store(talk about self absorbed Wendies) and an entire wall was filled tin materialistic glorifications like “Shop tip your credit card is maxed out.” And then put Bible quotes on the bags.

    I thought baby boomers were bad with “He who dies with the most toys wins” bumper stickers. at leasf we work hard for our toys, even if it is unethically screwing over others. These entitled generations just EXPECT it. They ask me out rock climbing and never do overtime, expecting daddy to buy them a Porsche and home by the time they are 25. Few have kids an many dump them on others as it gets in the way of playtime.

    So much for paying ones dues, responsibility, commitment, sacrifice. All foreign concepts.
    Looks like Martians to me. Or overgrown child actors reliving their days as Disney Kids,
    And we know where those kids end up. Rehab.

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