Report: Koons Is On After All?

Cancel that last post (maybe). Andrew Russeth, in GalleristNY, writes that an unnamed MOCA spokesperson has said that the Los Angeles stop of the Jeff Koons retrospective has been delayed but not cancelled: “We anticipate a 2015 opening.” The quote is credited to The Observer, though without a link. To add to the mystery, I’ve been unable to find the original. The Koons exhibition had been planned to debut at MOCA in January 2014. It will at any rate appear at the Whitney and the Centre Pompidou.

The Koons show was a pet project of Jeffrey Deitch, and Deitch is now a lame duck. But Eli Broad is also a major Koons supporter and presumably still casts a Svengali-like influence over the MOCA board. It’s hard to believe that Broad wouldn’t welcome a major Koons exhibition across Grand Avenue from The Broad (set to open late 2014).

Pictured, Koons’ Three Puppies in the MOCA collection.

UPDATE: The L.A. Times confirms that Koons is still on the MOCA schedule.

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