A Woman Who Could Leg-Wrestle a Crocodile

The New York Times has an article on Maria Bell, the MOCA Co-Chair who is on the search committee for Jeffrey Deitch’s replacement. It’s a puff piece with so many dark non sequiturs that Christopher Guest ought to option it. How many NYT profiles have quotes from Jeff Koons and Eric Braeden (scheming “Victor Newman” on The Young and the Restless)?

Bottom line: At least one of the people looking for Deitch’s replacement would be happy to hire someone exactly like him.

“Ms. Bell said of Mr. Deitch: ‘I see his run as being incredibly successful. It has ruffled some feathers, and that’s O.K. In fact, I like that it did. A contemporary art museum can do that. I always thought a bumpy, rough-around-the-edges experience was part of the gift of L.A.… Populism,’ she added with emphasis, ‘is not a dirty word.’…

“You get the feeling, in fact, that this woman could leg-wrestle a crocodile if she needed to.

“‘There’s an aspect of Maria that is no holds barred,’ Mr. Koons said. ‘She’s got a bubbly personality, but she is also very, very honest. She will talk freely about things that are a little sensitive, and I personally think that’s good.'”

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