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William Poundstone’s Los Angeles County Museum on Fire

Disco Forever

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Trend in the making: exhibition titles punning on disco tracks? Last year MOCA announced “Fire in the Disco.” Now LACMA is planning a cleverly titled costume show for 2016, “Reigning Men: From the Macaroni to the Metrosexual.”

The Trammps song may be a disco standard but it surely wasn’t the only inspiration for MOCA’s title. “Fire in the disco / Fire in the Taco Bell” is the hook from Electric Six’s 2003 hit “Danger! High Voltage.”

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  1. My God we are doomed to soulless mediocrity. When fashion, disco and metrosexuals become the goals of a twistedly adolescent “artform”, its time to move on. Exactly what Cracker jax box degrees did these brilliant young curators buy to come up with such drivel? Really, thats it, the best you can do?
    Get a life, you need one badly.
    really? Really? REALLY?
    Where is Southpark when you need them. Lambasting some relevant aspect of American culture i guess, this aint it.

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