Frenemies of the Museum

MOCA watchers will want to read Bob Coalcello’s venom-packed and unreliable narrator-dense article in the March Vanity Fair.

• MOCA Lifetime Trustee Lenore Greenberg on Eli Broad’s conditions for bailing out MOCA: “There were all those strings attached, which I call ropes with nooses on the end.”

• Dealer Irving Blum: “I think a big mistake that Jeffrey [Deitch] made was not getting rid of [Paul] Schimmel right at the start.”

• Deitch on the Dennis Hopper show: “There were a number of people here who said, ‘You can’t do this. This is not right for moca.’ So I went to Ed Ruscha and said, ‘If you think that I shouldn’t do this show, I’m not going to do it.’ He said, ‘Do the show. It’s really important.’ ”

• Deitch on “The Painting Factory: Abstraction After Warhol”: “Of the 350 shows I have organized in my career, it was one of the most perfectly realized.”

• Greenberg on that “Broad Conspiracy” rumor: “…Eli has had to declare himself. He had to say that he didn’t want to take over moca’s collection, which I think he originally wanted to do.”

• Coalcello’s take on the MOCA-USC merger rumor, as of January: “I learned that the negotiations with U.S.C. were going forward, driven by a determined Eli Broad, but that the moca board was divided. In a surprising twist, many members wanted to reconsider a merger or partnership with lacma.”

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