Herzog “Hearsay” Coming to Getty

Add the Getty to the list of art museums showing the work of film directors. Werner Herzog’s installation Hearsay of the Soul, which was included in the 2012 Whitney Biennial, is to be shown at the Getty from Aug. 2013 through Jan. 2014 (dates tentative). It presents a panorama of greatly magnified landscape prints by Hercules Segers, an “artist’s artist” collected by Rembrandt and Jan van de Cappelle. Segers must not have been too successful with the Dutch public, as only 183 impressions of his prints survive. In the 20th century he was rediscovered as a modernist before the fact.

When the Whitney curators told Herzog they wanted him in the show, he said, “I don’t go to museums because I do not like art.”

“Yes, but you are an artist.”

“I’m not an artist,” Herzog corrected, “I’m a soldier.”

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