Rembrandt in the Supermarket Aisle

In 1989 the Rembrandt Research Project charged that Norton Simon Museum’s Rembrandt Self-Portrait was actually by his pupil Carel Fabritus. The NSM has always rejected that conclusion, and a number of scholars have defended the painting as a geniune Rembrandt. Now a New Jersey cheese importer has stepped into the fray.

Secaucus-based Jana Foods is using the Simon Rembrandt on its Gouda. I’ll take that as a thumbs-up. They could have had their pick of any Rembrandt likeness. (Behind it is the Night Watch.)

The Simon painting’s head has been PhotoShopped onto a different body, perhaps taken from the Self-Portrait at the age of 34 in London. The gown’s fur border has been replaced with red.

The Jana Foods website reveals they’re also selling cheese under the names of Hals, Vermeer, and van Gogh.

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