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William Poundstone on Art and Chaos

William Poundstone’s Los Angeles County Museum on Fire

Geographically Undesirable

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Some art is so good it doesn’t matter where it comes from, reports blogger Jillian Steinhauer:

“On first glance, some may wonder why MoMA PS1, a New York contemporary art museum, has just opened a historical exhibition of art from Los Angeles.… Once you step inside the exhibition, you realize that Now Dig This! is so good — so well-curated, so full of fantastic art, so revelatory — that it was worth bringing to New York no matter what.”

(Pictured, John Outterbridge’s No Time for Jivin’)

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  1. This show is the soulless version of the above. God is taken out and made safe for nouveau riche consumption, and adolescent cleverness over mature developed intuition.

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