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Repealing and Replacing Schimmel

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Those with a tolerance for gallows humor might note that one outside-the-box replacement for Paul Schimmel has already been suggested on an L.A. Times comment board.

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  1. Hilarious! Best response thus far.

    When and how will this Deitsch farce end? Is it too much to hope that he will be fired too? Celebrity culture is for TV and the lowest common denominator, not for our (formerly) great, internationally renowned MOCA. Graffiti automatons, James Franco, and Shepard Fairey: can our collective nightmare get any worse? Is the Board asleep again? Is anyone raising any money at MOCA?

    There – we have our answer.

  2. I would take it Cate, but I dont think Marina and Co would appreciate my curating her ’shows’.
    Of course, I would change it completely and eradicate Contempt Art to Modern art, its not dead. Just made deadhead by hack academics so non artists can buy degrees and become “artistes’ Its so much easier and cooler than getting a real job.
    Now I gotta wait for this wannabe artiste to finish his “creations” so i can print them, why he had to do it here, and we allow him to, I will never know. Such professionalism, God help us.
    We have been dumbed down to mindless
    souless blobs.

  3. But who will post reactionary vitriol?

  4. CK will still be there supporting the wealthy. Its always amazing how artistes think they are libs when they kowtow to their masters, the ill gotten nouveau riche.
    Sadly, hilarious

  5. by Cate Conroy

    Gallows humor? Oh, hang it all.

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