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Jinxed Museum Gets $11.8 Million

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Last summer the L.A. TimesMike Boehm called the Children’s Museum of Los Angeles “the most snakebitten cultural entity in Southern California — if you can even call it an entity.” In a last-minute deal, L.A. City Council has allocated $11.8 million to keep the still-unopened museum on life support. That more or less replaces the $10 million once pledged by Sherman Oaks businessman Bruce Friedman. Friedman couldn’t make good on his donation after the Feds determined his business was a Ponzi scheme and froze his assets. Explained museum supporter Jack Shakely, ”Everyone involved with the project has had bad luck.”

Among the exhibits due to go on view, eventually: the strangely indeterminate Dogbear. “Children will operate Dogbear’s lungs by pumping bellows, her tail will wag when children pet her, and visitors will be able to see through her eyes and hear through her ears.”


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