Oskar Fischinger Coming to a “PST” Screen

Oskar Fischinger, still from "Motion Painting" (c) Fischinger Trust

Everyone’s got a list of artists overlooked by “Pacific Standard Time.” One of the odder omissions is to be rectified this spring when LACMA does a film retrospective of abstract filmmaker and painter Oskar Fischinger. “Optical Poetry: Oskar Fischinger Retrospective,” organized with the Center for Visual Music, will be screened April 27, followed by “Color and Form: Modernist Animation in California.” Both programs complement LACMA’s “California Design.”

Oskar Fischinger (c) Fischinger Trust

Incidentally, the growing Center for Visual Music site has much intriguing information online about Fischinger and other practitioners of “absolute film.” Check out Fischinger’s resignation letter from Paramount studios.

Another fact: The publicity photos of Fischinger with scrolls of abstractions were for strictly for disinformation. Fischinger did not photograph scrolls in making his films, but the photos helped to confuse competitors attempting to reverse-engineering his methods.

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