A Very Unofficial “Pacific Standard Time” Flow Chart

If I go to just one ‘Pacific Standard Time’ show, which one should it be?”

It’s hard to get a straight answer to that reasonable question. Obviously PST covers a lot of time and space: about sixty museum shows scattered from Santa Barbara to San Diego, running from August 2011 through June 2012. The Getty’s “Pacific Standard Time” site lists them all. That’s great, if you know L.A. art and what you like. Not everyone does. Sharon Mizota of the L.A. Times is visiting every single PST show, an admirable project that not many civilians will care to emulate. Here, I’ll offer a real-simple wizard for the occasional museum goer who is willing to sample PST but isn’t going to see more than a few shows at the outside.

I therefore assume that you want to economize on admissions, commuting time, gas, and parking. As the bigger museums have several concurrent PST shows, I’ll give the optimal, PST-maxing dates for each venue.

Needless to say, this is a sight-unseen forecast of the appeal of the major shows, most of which open in October.

Ready? Click here: Pacific Standard Time Flow Chart

(Pictured: Llyn Foulkes’ Where Did I Go Wrong?)

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