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L.A. Loves “Art in the Streets”

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The Good News: MOCA has a hit with “Art in the Streets.” Opening day lines stretched the length of the Geffen Contemporary. The crowd had noticeably more children, teens, Latins, and blacks than usual.

The Better News: “Art in the Streets” amply deserves its popularity (post to follow).

The Scary News: Deitch is now all-powerful, raising risk of a James Franco show from “Guarded” to “Elevated.”

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  1. by John Lenting

    Good show, we need more of this type of activity in Chicago, bravo LA.

  2. I actually like some of the work from teh site you linked too William. the first ones were dull and boring,but the later ones had some very good work,though again,it is truly design,not creative art. Would make excellent CD covers,if such things exist anymore, like the LP. They have real color, rather than just isolated blobs, but harmonic and dissonant on purpose, and use space well.

    The thing is, much of AbEx,CoBrA and Dubuffet’s work i consider much more street art than this. Even late Picasso, thrown up in one day and would have been perfect in downtowns. Certainly better color and movement, most of these are so damn staid and lacking in vibration and life. Too posterish and not enough art, but better than contempt art, thats for sure.

    Los Four were better, latino street art much more alive, especially Carlos Almaraz work. Just make posters and stick em up, would be far more enjoyable and connecting of various peoples, which is what true creative art is supposed to do, not split asunder. Rather see a low rider show. Now there is some truly great street art, and not the token shown here.

    art collegia delenda est
    Fine art academies must be destroyed.

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