Getty to Sell 15 Paintings

The J. Paul Getty Museum is selling again, this time 14 Italian and French paintings at Sotheby’s New York on January 27, and a British work by William Etty on the 28th. All date from J. Paul Getty’s days as a collector, and few if any have been shown since the Getty Center opened. The most valuable work is Lorenzo Lotto’s Portrait of a Jeweler, above, estimated at $250,000 to $350,000. There is also a large tryptych by the Master of Pratovecchio and a Benvenuto di Giovanni and Girolamo di Benvenuto Nativity that was once (1966) considered important enough to rate a museum publication. Overall, the 15 paintings are estimated to fetch about $1.7 million for future acquisitions.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post reported only the 8 Italian Renaissance paintings.

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