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William Poundstone’s Los Angeles County Museum on Fire

Walter Benjamin, Meet Lynda Resnick

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“The Fragonard we own exists in nine versions. Our Leda and the Swan is the primary version by Boucher but it exists in six versions. Painters didn’t have Xeroxes, so they painted the same picture over and over. It’s what the Franklin Mint does today.”

— Lynda Resnick (quoted in 2002, when she and husband Stewart owned the Franklin Mint)

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  1. LOL!!! So artworks equate to hard cold cash in the limited minds and souls of the rich! i KNEW it!
    Thanks, that one is literally priceless!

    art academia delenda est

  2. Using an eight year quote to slam a philanthorpist is a low blow and unworthy of the usual high level of discourse of your blog

  3. Why? She is old as hell, what does an eight years difference mean?
    How about old Eli? A glorified bean counter, just like the one who drove GM into the ground, his math is the click clack of the abacus, compared to the musical realm of Newton. How does that qualify him as an art expert? For him, and I guess her, its all about investment and partying. Crass materialists corrupting a spiritual realm.

    Cant take truth? Thats what art does, reveals it, warts and all. it reflects our world, of mind body and soul. Bean counters dont concern themselves with such esoterica. They want power, and Mausoleums.

    Save the musical, spiritual, colorful Watts towers(Nuestro Pueblo), tear down the shallow Ivories, and their patrons Mausoleums.

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