Getty Buys a Treasure of Pope and King

The Getty Museum has paid the equivalent of $2.81 million for the so-called Borghese-Windsor Cabinet (c. 1620) at Sotheby’s Paris. Made for Pope Paul V, it was displayed in the Borghese Palace… More ›


The Broad’s Crowds Are Minority-Majority

The Broad has reported first-year attendance of about 820,000 visitors. Perhaps more notable are the demographics, youthful and minority-majority. The average age of visitors was 33 (which is… More ›


Huntington Buys a Henrietta Shore

The Huntington’s Virginia Steele Scott Galleries of American Art, gearing up to open a new entrance and galleries next month, has acquired Henrietta Shore’s Clivia (c. 1930). Shore must… More ›


Art and Life

Art (Doug Aitken’s Migration, 2008): Life (ABC news story, Sep. 13, 2016):


Doug Aitken’s “lighthouse”

MOCA’s “Doug Aitken: Electric Earth” references a work that very few have seen: lighthouse (2012). You won’t see it at MOCA Geffen, as it’s a building… More ›


Recipe Friday: Steak Sinatra

Readers have been clamoring for information on Steak Sinatra, the dish mentioned in a recent post on the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles. Steak Sinatra was a specialty of Patsy… More ›


A Border Wall Built for One

Surrealism was a literary movement before it was an artistic one. In truth it wasn’t much of a literary movement. Few Surrealist texts are much read today, and one of the best-known isn’t… More ›


Getty Seeks Brexit for a Parmigianino

The Getty Museum has announced an agreement to buy Parmigianino’s Virgin with Child, St. John the Baptist, and Mary Magdalene, contingent on a British export license. The luminous,… More ›


The Whitney Still Gets L.A.

Last year, when the Whitney Museum opened its new Renzo Piano building, the inaugural display had a strong representation of Los Angeles artists. The Whitney has since reinstalled, with the… More ›


Wixárika Psychedelia at the Fowler

The Wixárika people of Western Mexica were making art from yarn before Fred Sandback was. Wixárika art is anything but minimal; it draws on the phantasmagoria of peyote ritual. It was however… More ›


Adam and Eve: Was Justice Done?

Justice is a dish best served warm. That’s one reading of U.S. District Court Judge John F. Walter’s ruling in the restitution battle over Lucas Cranach the… More ›


Famous Monsters of Filmland

Should art museums show film? LACMA has come down on the affirmative side of the question, notwithstanding the Academy Museum being built next door. LACMA has already done a number of major film… More ›


Infinity Rooms Jump the Shark?

You’ve probably heard that six Infinity Rooms will be on display at the Broad next year, as part of a show called “Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors.” Next month, Kusuma is… More ›


Zumthor Is Still Thinking Solar

In a previous post I noted that LACMA omits mention of solar cells in a new website promoting Peter Zumthor’s planned building. The building had been pitched as capable of generating its own… More ›


Bacon and Chocolate

Francis Bacon was friends with Roald Dahl, author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The BFG. The children’s book writer shared Bacon’s affection for booze, gambling, and the dark… More ›


Is Zumthor-LACMA Big Enough?

One take on Peter Zumthor’s LACMA building is that it’s too much money for not enough exhibition space. This is a common criticism of museum building projects lately, but LACMA seems to… More ›


Kathë and Friends

The Getty Research Institute has acquired a 654-piece collection of German Expressionist prints and drawings, centering on Kathë Kollwitz. Assembled by Dr. Richard A. Simms and described as a… More ›


What Color Is Zumthor-LACMA?

The newly released renderings for Peter Zumthor’s LACMA redesign leave many questions—starting with what color the museum will be. The concrete structure is now being described as dark… More ›


Getty Buys an Egyptian Minion

Since arriving at the Getty in 2012, Timothy Potts has spoken of expanding the antiquities collection beyond Greece, Etruria, and Rome. The museum has recently made a modest step in that direction by… More ›

Shabti for Neferibresaneith

Quote of the Day: Frank Gehry

“It’s not bad. It could have been terrible, but I’m not against it.” —Frank Gehry on Diller Scofidio + Renfro’s The Broad (Gehry spoke at Disney Hall with Christopher… More ›