Jack Chick (1924-2016)

Jack Chick died this Sunday, at age 92. The reclusive, L.A.-born cartoonist was best known for evangelical tracts that became a key point of reference for Jim Shaw, Mike Kelley, and artists of the… More ›


“Becoming America” at the Huntington

The Huntington has opened its new Jonathan and Karin Fielding Wing, a 8600-sq. ft., Frederick Fisher-designed addition to the Virginia Steele Scott Galleries of American Art. The Scott now has… More ›


Zumthor Sees a Gothic Future

Architects have a way of comparing their buildings to other buildings that are so different that no one other than the architect can see any comparison whatsoever. Peter Zumthor does that in an… More ›


Manly Hall, Hollywood Alchemist

Alchemy is generally dismissed as pseudoscience, and its connection to art history may be hard to discern. But the Getty Research Institute has a major collection of alchemy manuscripts and books,… More ›


NYT Says Museum Loans=$$$

The New York Times has another jaw-dropping article on art as an investment. This time the premise is that lending art to museums is a great way to increase its value. A few excerpts: “Grela… More ›


Billionaire Boys (& Girls) Club

Eli and Edythe Broad, Dasha Zhukova, and many others get a shout-out in a new Guerrilla Girls poster, created for an exhibition at Museum Ludwig, Cologne. (English-language version above.)


Quote of the Day: Stacy Lieberman

“Over the years the Autry has offered to give [the Southwest Museum] to anyone who wishes to run it for a dollar. They say back, ‘Well, what you’re really giving us is a negative $40… More ›

Southwest Museum

When Britain Went Metaphysical

A one-room show at the Huntington, “Blast! Modernist Painting” provides context for three new painting acquisitions by Duncan Grant, David Bomberg, and Mark Gertler. These move the… More ›


“Alternative Dreams” at LACMA

Bay Area attorney and gallerist Jung Ying Tsao (1929-2011) dealt mainly in 20th-century Chinese art. Few knew he was assembling a major personal collection of 17th-century painting. Few knew that… More ›


Getty Buys a Treasure of Pope and King

The Getty Museum has paid the equivalent of $2.81 million for the so-called Borghese-Windsor Cabinet (c. 1620) at Sotheby’s Paris. Made for Pope Paul V, it was displayed in the Borghese Palace… More ›


The Broad’s Crowds Are Minority-Majority

The Broad has reported first-year attendance of about 820,000 visitors. Perhaps more notable are the demographics, youthful and minority-majority. The average age of visitors was 33 (which is… More ›


Huntington Buys a Henrietta Shore

The Huntington’s Virginia Steele Scott Galleries of American Art, gearing up to open a new entrance and galleries next month, has acquired Henrietta Shore’s Clivia (c. 1930). Shore must… More ›


Art and Life

Art (Doug Aitken’s Migration, 2008): Life (ABC news story, Sep. 13, 2016):


Doug Aitken’s “lighthouse”

MOCA’s “Doug Aitken: Electric Earth” references a work that very few have seen: lighthouse (2012). You won’t see it at MOCA Geffen, as it’s a building… More ›


Recipe Friday: Steak Sinatra

Readers have been clamoring for information on Steak Sinatra, the dish mentioned in a recent post on the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles. Steak Sinatra was a specialty of Patsy… More ›