Alfred Barr & La Brea Tar

“I certainly hope they don’t build over the tar pit. Aesthetically that tar pit is neo-surrealist in the way people stand around it as if it were some ancient religious shrine and watch… More ›

La Brea Bubble

Andrea del Sarto, Slacker Genius

“Andrea del Sarto” was a nickname. Dad was a tailor—that’s sarto, as in sartorial. Another nickname was Andrea senza errori—”Andrea the Perfect.” His skill in… More ›


Quote of the Day: Miriam Schapiro

  “People forget that the origin of the word ‘sentiment’ also gives rise to ‘sentience’ and ‘sensibility.’ And those are all words about feeling. So if… More ›

Miriam Schapiro, "Big Ox" (1967)

Deitch on the Beach

The Huffington Post has a photo feature on Jeffrey Deitch’s street artist project at Coney Island. Several L.A. artists are included (shown, Mister Cartoon and Retna—photos (c) Jaime Rojo.)


Where’s Barry?

When the Hammer Museum opened in 1990, the first artwork visitors encountered was a can’t-be-unseen portrait of founder Armand Hammer. In a gilded frame, the Hammer painting glowered down at… More ›


Janet Sobel, Mother of Drip Painting

There is a short list of artists who did “drip paintings” before Jackson Pollock did. Among them is Denmark and L.A.’s Knud Merrild. The one early dripper documented as an influence… More ›

Janet Sobel, "The Burning Bush"

Arrested Development

At the risk of continuing a drumbeat of acquisition news… LACMA’s Unframed blog has announced 12 works acquired by its Decorative Arts and Design Committee. One is Pedro Friedeberg’s… More ›


Getty Finds a Lost Bernini

Marbles by Bernini are rarer than paintings by Caravaggio or Vermeer in U.S. museums. Until this year, there were just two or three Berninis. Now there are two more, both in L.A. Just announced is a… More ›


Broad Keeps Buying

Three months before the museum’s opening, the Broad has announced over 50 new acquisitions, ranging chronologically from a 1954 Rauschenberg combine to 2015 works by John Baldessari, John… More ›


“Someday is Now”: Corita Kent at PMCA

Mad Men ends with a West Coast spiritual epiphany cutting to a Madison Avenue pitch. Reverse that, and you’ve got something close to the story of Sister Mary Corita Kent. A nun who taught art… More ›


Art Outgrows the Museum, Again

LACMA has a big new gift—the question is, where will it put it? As reported in the Los Angeles Times and Art Newspaper, Leonardo DiCaprio is giving the museum John Gerrard’s Solar Reserve… More ›


Cameron Getting First New York Show

The Art Newspaper reports that Jeffrey Deitch is bringing MOCA’s Cameron show to New York. It will run Sep. 8-Oct. 17 at the Suzanne Geiss Company, which occupies the former site of Deitch… More ›


The Unknown Purifoy

Who is Noah Purifoy? Earlier this year, a major East Coast curator admitted drawing a blank. LACMA’s “Noah Purifoy: Junk Dada” ought to put an end to that. It will also come as… More ›

Noah Purifoy, "No Contest (Bicycles)"

What Did L.A. Do in the Civil War?

The last shot of the Civil War was fired June 22, 1865. The Autry National Center’s “Empire and Liberty: The Civil War and the West” tells a tale slighted by textbooks, that of how… More ›


The Petersen Shows Its Stripes

Is the new Petersen Automotive Museum (by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates) too Vegas for the Pritzker-ified Museum Mile? You can begin to judge for yourself, as most of the Petersen’s stainless… More ›

Petersen Automotive Museum