Fashioning Art: Get the Look – President of the Republic

Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte as President of the Italian Republic (1803), Andrea Appiani

Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte as President of the Italian Republic (1803), Andrea Appiani

Did the 2016 presidential race get you all heated up? Does watching Donald Trump recent appointments despair you enough to feel like you should have just thrown your hat into the ring? If 2016 has stirred a hidden desire for total world domination that lies dormant in you, but you fear you don’t have that elusive “presidential look”, fear not. Going into 2017, learn how to achieve that statesman swag from the commander-in-chief par excellence himself, Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleon dominated Europe for more than a decade while leading France in several successful military campaigns during the Napoleonic wars. He was victorious in many of these and built a large empire that oversaw most of continental Europe until its fall in 1815. His empire and numerous conquests shaped his legacy as one of the most celebrated, albeit controversial, leaders in history.

This portrait by the Italian neoclassical painter, Andrea Appiani, captures Napoleon at the height of his reign, when he was also the president of the Napoleonic Italian Republic. Aside from the soft, wispy locks that part gently to make way for Napoleon’s dewy, glowing skin, the luscious brocade military jacket is undoubtedly the centre piece of Appiani’s portrait. Intricate gold leaves embroidered on buttery black velvet combine to do the heavy lifting, giving history’s most notorious shorty some of that presidential stature.

No need to develop a Napoleonic complex, if you’re feeling a little lacking in the stature department. Here are some similar jackets out in shops now that can help with that.

Frolic in all-over gold fronds as you dream of conquering faraway lands with Gucci’s Monaco Tropical Jacquard jacket. For I-woke-up-like-this levels of commander cool, try Topshop’s Embroidered Kimono Jacket. Feeling like it’s just one of those days where you might need a little extra something to make you feel really like you’re in the driver’s seat? Get your empress on with Dolce & Gabbana’s full-length Double Breasted Brocade and Organza Coat. Perhaps you feel that presidential is an attitude and not a style. Who better to help you out than Rei Kawakubo herself, with the Commes des Garcons Floral-brocade Coat. A delicate rose brocade recalls the languorous elegance of centuries past, while the exaggerated shape and amour-like cuffs ensure you’re still en garde for any challenge the day may throw at you. Finally, Napoleon was nothing if not a little rock ‘n’ roll. With a slim, tailored fit and a metallic finish, throw on the 7 For All Mankind Brocade Velvet Blazer to perfect your rock chick look.

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