Fashioning Art: DSquared2 and Delaunay

DSquared2 Spring 2015 and Homage to Bleriot (1914), Robert Delaunay [Image taken from Fash of the Titans

DSquared2 Spring 2015 and Homage to Bleriot (1914), Robert Delaunay [Image taken from Fash of the Titans]

The French artist Robert Delaunay co-founded Orphism, together with his wife Sonia Delaunay and other contemporaries. ‘Orphism’ was the name coined by the French poet Guillaume Apollinaire for the art movement, which was a branch of Cubism that emphasised colour, geometric shapes and pure abstraction, influenced in part by Fauvism. In works such as Homage to Bleriot, Delaunay explored the optical characteristics of brilliant colour, pushing the dynamism of colour until it could function as form. In his writings on colour, Delaunay established the belief that colour itself contained the potential for expression and form.

Louis Blériot

Louis Blériot

Homage to Bleriot is dedicated to Louis Blériot, the French inventor and engineer who built the first working piloted monoplane. In the painting, vibrant, fragmented circular shapes are overlaid on each other. The effect created by the contrasts and harmonies of colour evokes the whirring movement of propellers, referring to the phenomenon of early aviation that was fascinating the general public in the 1910s. The effervescent colours and shapes that jostle for attention also allude to the hustle and bustle of modern Paris at the time, reflecting Delaunay’s personal experience of his city.

The DSquared2 Spring 2015 collection was built around bolts of colourful fabric, woven into vivid colour-blocks. In this look, the print on full tulip skirt worn by Daphne Groeneveld is heavily reminiscent of Delaunay’s brand of Orphism. Dean and Dan Caten, like Delaunay, play and probe with colour and form. The collection was presented against a backdrop of a New York artist’s loft. The minimalist set allowed the collection’s bold colours and dramatic shapes to take centre stage. Through this combination, the Catens’ collection creates the striking effect of Delaunay’s Orphism coming alive.

DSquared2 Spring 2015 show [Image taken from Annabelle

DSquared2 Spring 2015 show [Image taken from Annabelle]

Main image taken from Fash of the Titans.


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