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A Wave of His Own: Celebrating Australian Movie Icon David Gulpilil

Among the 19 movies screening in Film Society of Lincoln Center’s excellent “The Last New Wave: Celebrating the Australian Film Revival” (today through January 31) are several seldom revived locally: “Petersen” (1974), “Backroads” (1977), “The FJ Holden” (1977), “Money Movers” (1978), and “The Odd Angry Shot” (1979). Perhaps for that reason, some of the usual suspects have been omitted, including “The Cars That Ate Paris” (1974), “Caddie” (1976), and two late entries, “The Club” and “Breaker Morant” (both 1980). Read the full article here

Senegal’s “The Pirogue” Takes a Cue From Géricault

Writing of Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi,” the French journalist Marjolaine Gout has described it as “a philosophical tale where Noah’s Ark metamorphoses into ‘The Raft of the Medusa.’” Géricault’s allegorical painting is rendered more literally in “The Pirogue,” Senegalese director Moussa Touré’s alarming depiction of a tragic attempt by 31 West African boat people to voyage to Spain via the Canary Islands in the eponymous uncovered craft. Read the fill article here