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Werner Herzog’s “Happy People”: Eco-Friendly Survival in the Siberian Wilds

Where Werner Herzog’s 1993 “Bells from the Deep” was a stylized and semi-fabricated examination of mysticism bordering on superstition in Siberia, his new documentary about Siberian lives lived in extremis is a strictly secular study of endurance and subsistence in the wilderness. Read the full article here

Russian Master Aleksei Guerman’s Rarely-Seen Films Come to Lincoln Center

“War and Remembrance: The Films of Aleksei Guerman” (through March 20 at Lincoln Center in New York) offers a unique opportunity to savor in one place the rarely seen works of a Russian master. All five of the movies Guerman has directed in his censorship-blighted career will be screened. So, too, will his 1967 debut “The Seventh Companion,” which he co-directed with Grigori Aronov and disowns, and Ardak Amirkulov’s fantastical (and fantastically brutal) Genghis Khan epic “The Fall of Otrar” (1991), which German produced and co-wrote with Svetlana Karmalita, his wife and collaborator. The director Alexander Pozdnyakov will meanwhile personally present his 2009 documentary, “Guerman: From the Other Side of the Camera.” Read the full article here.