Art Against Terrorism: Turkish Artist Sukran Moral Refuses The Fear

Sukran Moral, "The Artist" 1994

Sukran Moral, “The Artist” 1994

Turkish photographer and performance artist Sukran Moral’s  courageous work has long spoken out against the abuse of women, religious hypocrisy, and warfare,  Now, in the face of the March 19 bombings on Istanbul’s busy Istiklal Caddesi, she has decided to stare down terrorism, face to face.  “Today,” she wrote me in an e-mail, “I have to do performances. I cannot live with the fear.”

The following is the artist’s statement, as given, about the project she will take on today, March 20th: Defying terror in the name of art.


As an artist I believe it is time to say “stop” to the fear terrorism has surrounded us with. We have become people that fear from each other. Hatred is spread all around. Censorship is everywhere, every single move of ours is surveillanced, the veins of art has thinned down because of oppression. Art can be produced in any sort of circumstance. I would like to put my personal reaction out there. I will go to every single spot where it was announced as a dangerous zone, a potential terrorist attack or bomb. Yes I am resisting, and going against terrorism. This action will be online via Periscope and everybody is invited. We are not okay with this oppressing fear. It is you who live with fear and are in danger. It may seem as though my words may seem as a protest but it it more of an action that seeks for love in opposing terrorism. I prefer to resist with art. I will realize this action on March 20th. From streets to metro to shopping malls. Anywhere and everywhere that is marked dangerous.

— Sukran Moral

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