Kreuk Responds To Vo’s Obscenities: Let’s Donate Instead

In response to Danh Vo’s remarks, posted publicly on Artnet last week, that collector Bert Kreuk “Shove it up your ass, you  faggot” after Kreuk prevailed in a lawsuit against the artist, Kreuk has issued the following statement, published here in full.


Dear Danh,

Although I find it quite unusual that you correspond publicly, I appreciate your initiative to comply with the court order. Especially since you ignored my suggestions to resolve this matter outside the courts for nearly 2 years now.

I am open to discussing the situation with you in a civilized and respectful way. I will however not lower myself to the level of name-calling, profanity, abuse, and other childish behavior. Any further efforts to discredit reputations are unworthy, not constructive and will fail, just like your previous attempts to distract from the merits of this case. They will be met with an appropriate response. Maybe you should consider article 2.24 of the ruling, where the court decided on the 350,000 euro penalties, specificly ‘because of your attitude’. For now let’s concentrate, without prejudice, on the possibility to finalize this whole saga.

Your proposed work

I find any offensive language and discriminating statements relating to gender, orientation, race and religion, (intended or not) very inappropriate. It is not something I want in my collection or on my walls.

I suggest you find another sentence, for instance from the film “Rite of Exorcism” what reads : ”FROM ANGER, HATRED, AND ALL ILL WILL”

I am sure when all parties abide by the court decision; to come to a “detailed agreement” through “professional” communication (for instance about the medium), that the end result will be worthy enough to be included in my collection.

If your aim is however to make offensive works out of ‘self-imposed’ frustration, or if they are meant to proof some kind of point beyond your conceptual practice, then the resulting works are, in my opinion, not made with the right artistic intention or ambition. When you reach that conclusion, I suggest that instead you donate 350,000 usd to good causes or the equivalent in art to a Dutch or American museum. I will do the same with another 350,000 usd. So 700,000 usd total to good causes; a cure for any frustration !

The finality to this case Danh, will not only be defined by winning and losing, but by making the right decisions.


Best Regards,

Bert Kreuk


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