LA Art Fair Hits A New Low In The Art Fair Phenomenon

Just received: the boastful, bell-clanging press release announcing the opening of the L.A. Art Fair, featuring Barbra Streisand, James Brolin, Loni Anderson (Loni Anderson?!)  and oh, yeah, Shephard Fairey. Along with them you’ll encounter a list of other less-known names — so “less-known,” in fact, that their importance is spelled out for you : what films they were in, what bands they play with, that kind of thing.

Oh, artists? Like, painters and sculptors and photographers  – that kind of thing? Art collectors? Are they supposed to be there, too?

Granted, this is L.A.  It makes some sense that there’d be a mention of one or two film stars in the group.  But to promote an art fair by selling it as a place to see and be seen with Hollywood names is, well, I’ll just say it: disgusting.  It represents all the worst of what the art scene has become.  (We won’t talk about what it says about the LA Art Fair’s management.) And the fact that the opening culminates in a fashion show – yes, a fashion show – just underscores it all.

As does this: the last line of the release:

Excellent photo ops: Art, Fashion, Celebrities

Yes, it really says that.

Dear God, save us from the LA-ification of the art world in 2014.  Please. Thank you.

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