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A Luggage Robot with a Side of Waygu

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Do you remember Rosie the Robot, the sometimes efficient maid with the frilly apron from the The Jetsons?  Perhaps we’re still waiting for our own humanoid robot maid, or even a multitasking robo-chef, but right here in New York we have our very own Yobot, which stores luggage in what may be the most futuristic hotel in the city at the new Yotel Hotel.

Here is a preview of the hotel as well as the restaurant, DohYO, which officially opens to the public on June 15th: 

As you are warmly greeted by a host of humans when you enter the hotel, look to your right to see the Yobot, which takes as well as stores your luggage either before or after your stay

Automated Check In/Out screens located to the left of the lobby

Welcomed into the hotel, you step into the elevator which takes you to the rooms, cocktail terrace, as well as the restaurant

Designed by the Rockwell Group, the 18,000 square foot space on the upper floor consists of entertainment areas where both locals and guests can socialize

The largest terrace in New York with sweeping uptown views

Named after the Japanese word for a Sumo wrestling platform, DohYO's communal tables, set in the center of the restaurant, can raise up for Japanese-style seating, and lower back down to create a platform for cocktail receptions, a dance floor, or a performance area

DohYO is overseen by international chef/owner, Richard Sandoval, who believes that "flavors and rituals vary,but dining is ultimately what brings us together"

Latin-Asian snall plates and sharing dishes dominate the menu including two Waygu Beef choices (see a sampling of the menu below)


    Chicken Salad – pulled chicken/ mixed greens / cabbage / cashew / date / tamarind vinaigrette

    Chili-Dusted Tuna Salad – poached egg / bacon / purple potato / snow pea / roasted shallot 

    Pork-Fois Gras Gyoza – black vinegar-plum sauce

    Mushroom Egg Roll – wild mushroom / cabbage / ginger / soy

    Wagyu Beef Meatballs – cotija cheese / scallion / tomato-kaffir lime sauce

    Shrimp Sui Mai – vegetable / soy / citrus

    Salt and Pepper Calamari – three-pepper / Thai basil / sweet and spicy chili sauce


    Beef Tenderloin – chimichurri / Yukon gold potato / mushroom escabeche

    Fried Tofu – sautéed spinach / sweet and spicy chile sauce

    Grilled Salmon – achiote ponzu / spinach / bacon

    Heirline Chicken Breast – green curry / spinach / cotija cheese / plantain / carrot

    Wagyu Beef Brisket – achiote-truffle sauce / russet potato puree


    Hummingbird Toffee Cake – banana and pineapple cake / sweet anise ice cream

    Chocolate-Chipotle Cheesecake – brownie / ganache

    Yuzu Strawberry Tart – strawberry jam / yuzu curd / angel food cake / whipped cream


    Crunchy Wok Fried Okra – soy / spicy ponzu

    Wok Seared Cauliflower – ginger garlic / chile de arbol

    Chinese Eggplant – miso / tomato / red chile / mint

    Tostones – Yukon gold / duck fat

    Spinach – yuzu / butter / garlic

    Wok Fried Rice – kimchee / carrot / corn / scallion / bean sprout / egg

A view into the open kitchen

One of the larger hotel rooms. This is the first Yotel Hotel in the US, the other three are in London and Amsterdam

The room above also features its own outdoor terrace and hot tub

Something to look forward to!

 For more information about the Yotel Hotel and DohYO, please visit:

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