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Not Your Grandfather’s O’Farrills: Zack and Adam Step Out as Leaders

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Brothers Adam (left) and Zack O'Farrill

When I first got to know brothers Zack and Adam O’Farrill, they were traveling with their parents and grandmother in Cuba. Yet that 2010 trip was no family vacation. It was the realization of a dream for their father, Arturo, a Grammy-winning pianist and bandleader. Arturo had brought his orchestra to the island to perform the music of his father, Chico, who left Cuba for good in 1959, and whose own towering legacy as composer and bandleader forever changed the contours of what we think of as the union of Afro-Latin music and jazz. Now Zack and Adam — Arturo’s sons, and Chico’s grandsons — are making their own distinctive musical mark. You’ll find the full interview here.

Image/Jason Gardner

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