Larry Blumenfeld on jazz and other sounds

Celebrating Ornette

After Ornette Coleman died in 2015, I was shaken. It’s not that I didn’t know he was frail. It was that I could no conceive of a world without him. I posted one hasty piece that began like… More ›


Bohemian Trio Leaps Across Borders

  In the midst of Havana’s Jazz Plaza festival in December, I took a break with Yosvany Terry, who has lived in New York City since 1999 and whose music helps define a cutting edge there. He… More ›

Bohemian Trio: from left, Yosvany Terry, Yves Dharamraj and Orlando Alonso. PHOTO: LAURA RAZZANO

Best Jazz of 2016

First, my contrarian uncool confession: I don’t love lists. I just don’t think music is a competition. Nor is writing about it, for me, a ratings game. (I prefer telling stories and reviewing… More ›


David Virelles: A Finely Tuned Antenna

My pick hit right now comes from pianist David Virelles, who I’ve been following closely and writing about for quite some time. “Antenna” (ECM) is a 6-track, 22-minute EP released… More ›

3901 X

Fred Hersch, At Home at the Vanguard

I try not to miss pianist Fred Hersch when he performs at the Village Vanguard. Hersch shapes the sound of his piano with care and fine calibration, which is doubly rewarded by the club’s… More ›

photo by Martin Zemin

At Haystack, Summer 2016

I’m still unpacking from my recent trip to Deer Isle, Maine. The clothes are long out of suitcases, and all that. Still, with newspaper deadlines and daily life rushing back in I haven’t yet made… More ›


Remembering Bobby Hutcherson

Like so many listeners, I first discovered the brilliance and originality of vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson though “Out to Lunch,” the 1964 album by alto saxophonist, flutist and bass… More ›