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Director Cornelia Zinken on Cologne Fine Art’s Cross-Disciplinary Focus

Almost two thousand years of fine art, design, antiques, and objects come together this week at the Koelnmesse for Cologne Fine Art’s annual run. Having emerged out of the 70s Westdeutsche Kunstmesse, the fair consistently attracts around 100 exhibitors and a hoard of loyal visitors and collectors with its cross disciplinary focus. Rather than presenting their wares in separate, discipline and time period segregated sections, dealers are encourage to mix and match available pieces at their booths, all of which are vetted by a committee of experts. They are actively organized without accord to genre such that the entire 13,500 square meters melds into what might be an eclectic collector’s store rooms.

Here, Cologne Fine Art Director Cornelia Zinken speaks with Alexander Forbes about her fair’s 2013 edition, maintaining its cross-disciplinary focus, and staying true to its local collector base. (more…)

Max Hetzler on His Gallery’s 40 Years and Opening a Paris Outpost

Following headquarters in Stuttgart, Cologne, three different Berlin spaces, and an early 90s jaunt to Santa Monica for Luhring Augustin Hetzler, Galerie Max Hetzler closes its over 17,000 square foot space in a former light bulb factory in Berlin-Wedding on December 21 in favor of two new spaces in the city’s west. The survey of its current roster of 21 artists such as Mona Hatoum, Jeff Koons, Beatriz Milhazes, Richard Philips, Bridget Riley, and Christopher Wool celebrates the gallery’s 40th anniversary, but has its eyes set squarely towards the future. Nearly all the works are new, some created specifically for the show.

For Hetzler, it’s a chance to take stock of his status quo before the gallery’s next big move: Paris. Set to open in May at an undisclosed location in the city’s gallery-rich Marais district, the Paris location debuts with Hetzler stand-by Albert Oehlen but is aimed at forging into new, younger artistic territory for the dealer as well. Alexander Forbes spoke with Hetzler in Berlin about his gallery’s anniversary, its Paris plans, and the art world’s ever-changing changing requirements. (more…)

Francesco Clemente on Nomadic Tendencies in His Exhibition at Blain Southern Berlin

Francesco Clemente’s first Berlin show in six years is a definitive effort at a Gesamtkunstwerk. Bridging installation, painting, drawing, and sculpture, Clemente has created three unique tents within the former Tagespiegel building’s cavernous hall painted and scrawled on, embroidered and eventually inhabited. Produced in India, where the Italian-American artist has spent a good portion of his time, the tents allow the viewer to enter his painterly world. The visual language, symbols, brushstrokes, and figures are familiar, but entering the tents allows for an experiential understanding of Clemente’s work that standing in front of a flat painting might otherwise deny. (more…)

Dor Guez on His Film “40 Days” and Artistically Bridging the Personal and Political

Dor Guez’s latest video and photographic installation, “40 Days” is deceptively simple in its execution. On one side of its current showing at Berlin’s Carlier Gebauer, homemade video footage rolls by with the handheld camera being rested on a side table or kitchen countertop while Guez speaks with elder family members about the desecration of Christian Palestinian cemeteries in his home town of Lod. Located about 15 kilometers southeast of Tel Aviv (it’s also home to Israel’s Ben Gurion airport), the city is home to a little over 1000 members of this minority within a minority, or 1.5% of the city’s population, of which Guez’s family is also a member. In the adjacent room, high dynamic range scans of photographs Guez’s late grandfather Jakob took documenting one such instance of desecration are displayed as large format photographic prints, some even showing the decomposing skeletal remains, which lay beneath the shattered headstones.

Though on one hand a highly personal story — at the end of the film we see Jakob’s memorial service, which ostensibly precludes his interment in just such a cemetery — the highly affective result is much more wide reaching. “40 Days” is as much a story of repeated persecution and the blind eye cast on minority, disenfranchised issues regardless of their face, as it is of the specific conditions that Guez’s family faces in Lod. Here, Guez speaks with BLOUIN ARTINFO’s Alexander Forbes about making that leap and the project at large. (more…)

Paris Project Space Shanaynay on their Temporal Exhibition Program for ABC

Founded by Parisian Romain Chenais and L.A. expat Jason Hwang in 2011, independent exhibition space Shanaynay has invigorated the cultural scene in Paris’s 20th Arrondissement with a steady flow of curated shows featuring artists such as Kirsten Pieroth, Nina Canell, and Liam Gillik, as well as many lesser-known artists. For its Art Berlin Contemporary project, “Upcoming Exhibitions,” Shanaynay has devised an innovative exhibition format, giving 14 international project spaces — Cleopatra’s, Ohio, Generation Works, Gasconade, 1857, Bétonsalon, Am Nuden Da, Treize, Works Sited, The Ister, Auto Italia South East, Lulu, Peles Empire, and New Theater — a two-hour slot on a specially designed stage to do essentially as they please. Alexander Forbes talked to Chenais and Hwang about the decisions behind their innovative offering. (more…)

Artist Robert Fry on his New Paintings at Berlin’s Galerie Kornfeld

Berlin Art Week’s painting theme not only takes hold at the capital’s institutions, but pops up in the galleries quite often as well. In one such exhibition, Galerie Kornfeld presents a new series of paintings and etchings by emerging British painter, Robert Fry. BLOUIN ARTINFO caught up with Fry to discuss his fascination with nudes and their ability to illustrate both our socially constructed body-image and the fragmented psyche created by getting lost in that gaze. (more…)

Bonaventure Ndikung on Savvy Contemporary’s Move and Pushing Back on Eurocentrism


“A lot of us feel like we’re living in a movie”: American Colorist David Reed on His Zurich Show

For is first show in Häusler Contemporary’s James Turrell designed Zurich space, New York based colorist David Reed (b. 1946) presents ten large-scale, abstract paintings, some of which stretch to 14 feet in length. To counter that large scale, the gallery rooms are hung sparsely, allowing the paintings’ bright color and performative brushstrokes to act into the rooms. “I don’t want the painting to be confined within its own boarders,” Reed tells ARTINFO. Indeed, perhaps owing to their flatness of surface in which colors appear unnaturally bright and vibrating as if being emitted from a digital monitor, and their extreme dimensions — either very tall and skinny or very long and short — they pull one into their worlds yet deny the ability to put a period on their meaning or even index.

Alexander Forbes spoke with Reed as he was preparing to install the show about revamping his own works, creating uncanny canvases, and contemporary society’s tenuous relationship with artifice and reality. (more…)

Spanish Painter Secundino Hernandez on His Practice

Secundino Hernandez’s paintings present a fragmented cosmos in which figuration and abstraction play ping-pong with one another until the viewer is left not sure where one begins and the other ends. They trick one into thinking that they are accessible through a cartoony element or quotation of action painting, but then shift imperceptibly. Born in 1975 in Madrid, Hernandez has been a precipitous rise through the European art scene, now showing with the likes of Galerie Forsblon, Galreie Barbara Gräslin, Galería Heinrich Erhardt, and Galerie Krinzinger, and in top private holdings such as the Rubell Family Collection in Miami.

Recently, Hernandez has been spending an extended period in Berlin thanks to a show at collector Timo Miettinen’s Marburger 3 space in Charlottenburg, co-produced by Erhardt and Gräslin, which has subsequently developed into a summer escape from the Madrid heat to work on his several upcoming shows in a studio in the same building. ARTINFO caught up with Hernandez at the start of that stay to talk about his new work and the necessity of sticking to his art historical roots. (more…)

Anselm Reyle on Curating for Takashi Murakami

For the fifth exhibition at the Berlin outpost of Takashi Murakami’s Hidari Zingaro gallery, the Japanese artist invited Anselm Reyle to curate an exhibition of young artists from the region. The resulting exhibition, “Spectra Vision,” features three of Reyle’s students from the Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg where the painter and sculptor has taught since 2006 — Lukasz Furs, J.E. Oldendorf, and Aleen Solari — and three from classes of his peers — Mike Ruiz, Jaakko Pallasvuo, and Oka Hungerbühler. BLOUIN ARTINFO caught up with Reyle to talk about the show, drawing boarders between curation and practice, and generation gaps in representation. (more…)