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New Max Ernst for the War Torn Brühl Museum

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Art collector Peter Schneppenheim has donated “The Twentieth Century,” a 1955 painting by Dadaist and Surrealist artist Max Ernst to the artist’s eponymous museum in Brühl, the Museum des Landschaftsverbandes Rheinland announced on Wednesday. The work, which measures 50.8 by 61 centimeters, will officially enter the museum’s possession on the 17 of this month.

With it’s small size, it will likely do unfortunately little to help fill metaphorical gaps on the museum’s walls left by the Wolfgang Beltracchi scandal and the conspicuous, though unproven involvement of curatorial advisor Werner Spies. That scandal took five works out of the collection and served to further damage the reputation of the institution. Since a year before its founding in 2004, its rather remote location and ambitious programming caused critiques of whether the museum would be financially viable. For their sake, hopefully this gift is a sign of things turning around.


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