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Kim Kardashian Nods to Richard Prince

Internet-breaking Kim Kardashian polished her acting chops for a T-Mobile commercial that aired prominently during last night’s Super Bowl. A tinkling piano soundtrack gets the pathos flowing, with Kardashian bemoaning cell phone carriers that don’t honor unused data: “Data you paid for,” she reminds us, “that could be used to see my make-up, my backhand, my outfits, my vacations, and … my outfits.” A dumb conceit, to be fair, but what piqued our interest was a scene in which Kim appears to be walking through a white cube gallery — or some alternate-reality version of the Guggenheim — where glossy, ultra-high-res prints of her tweeted photos are hung on the wall like masterpieces. While Americans carelessly devoured tons of buffalo wings, something monumental was happening in the culture. Who knew Kardashian would end up as the star in a commercial appropriating Richard Prince’s most recent schtick?


Another Twist in the Appropriation Debate

A few weeks back, comic artist Chris Eliopoulos spotted something familiar in a series of new paintings by artist Jerry Kearns, on view in his exhibition “RRRGGHH!!!” at Mike Weiss Gallery: his own artwork. Eliopoulos, who, until the opening of the show, was unaware that his work had been appropriated by Kearns, took to Twitter to claim that fonts he created and owned had be stolen. (more…)

Where is Richard Prince’s Rasta-Apocalypse Novel?

We’re not alone in appreciating the prose stylings of Richard Prince in his recent press release for a post-lawsuit exhibition of the “Canal Zone” paintings (opening May 8 at Gagosian uptown). But reading Prince’s gnarly description of the backstory to these works — which he seems to envision as a sort of film, unspooling in his own mind—we were left yearning for a novel, something that marries a sick Kathy Acker-esque plot with Prince’s own subdued, weirdo-beatnik rhythms.


Richard Prince Blog Watch: On Art and Murder

richard-prince-mailerOne of Richard Prince’s new year’s resolutions for 2014 must have been to blog more (or, in Prince-speak, “bird” more), because he’s been writing up a storm over on Birdtalk. The screed to which we turn our attention in this installment of Richard Prince Blog Watch begins as a rumination on Norman Mailer’s successful 1981 campaign to free confessed killer — and, in Mailer’s opinion, talented author — Jack Abbott, only have him stab a waiter to death six weeks after leaving prison (where he then returned for the remainder of his life). From here, Prince goes on to make some exceptionally lucid pronouncements about the comparative values of art and human life, concluding his musings in typically authoritative fashion. (more…)

Case Involving Richard Prince Painting, Michael Ovitz, and Perry Rubenstein Comes to NY Court

art-shipping-suitHong Kong corporation Art Advisory Limited filed suit yesterday in New York state court against Perry Rubenstein and his namesake Hollywood gallery, along with New York-based fine art shipping company Dietl International Services for the return of a painting by Richard Prince, which it claims it purchased and paid for. The suit claims among other things breach of contract, fraud, and conversion. (more…)

Richard Prince Blog Watch: He Hopes ARTINFO Dies, Claims “I Am the Fucking Art World”

richard-prince-shit-listIt’s been a little while since we recapped recent activities on Richard Prince’s Bird Talk blog, chiefly because he hadn’t posted in over a month — he seems to have been mulling over some serious stuff, judging by his Twitter feed. But then, on Friday, he let forth with a tirade titled “Shit List…” in which he blasts most of the major art publications including, once again, ARTINFO. However, uncharacteristically self-conscious about the negativity spewing forth from his fingertips, he opens with a list of recent exhibitions he has enjoyed. (more…)

Richard Prince Blog Watch: Richard Prince Rips Every Major Art Publication in 45 Words

richard-prince-blog-art-pubsWhen we last checked in on appropriation artist Richard Prince’s recent “birding” one month ago, he was praising the virtues of micro-blogging platform Tumblr — especially for its formal similarities to his own practice — but this month he has let loose on the art journalism world, blasting everyone from canonical print magazines to art news websites such as this one. (more…)

Richard Prince Blog Watch: Why Tumblr Is His Favorite Social Media Platform

richard-prince-blog-tumblrDuring our on again-off again monitoring of Richard Prince’s blogging birding activity, we’ve learned that he isn’t very fond of Twitter — even though he’s a prolific user of it — partly because he claims the idea for the micro-blogging site was stolen from him. But during a recent perusal of his blog Birdtalk we learned that he’s quite fond of Tumblr, partly because its appropriation-like reblogging function is very much in keeping with his own aesthetic tendencies. (more…)

The Five Feistiest Feline Artworks From “The Cat Show” at White Columns


The summer’s most hotly anticipated exhibition in New York not devoted to Ken Price, James Turrell, or Paul McCarthy opened on June 13 at White Columns. Titled “The Cat Show,” it is a show of 130 works by more than 50 artists depicting cats in various media, styles, and moods — like Antonio Adams’s feline facsimiles of Whitney Houston, Laci Peterson, and Cayley Anthony (above). Though it’s nearly impossible to pick one favorite among all the irreverent cat art, the following five works beat out the rest by a whisker. (more…)

Richard Prince Blog Watch: Reviews of David Zwirner and Hauser & Wirth’s New Chelsea Digs

richard-prince-blog-zwirner-hauserIt’s been more than six months since we last checked in on appropriation artist Richard Prince’s blog (er, “birdtalk“), but the man has been busy “birding” up a storm, addressing subjects as wide-ranging as which fruit is better suited to still life paintings — apples or oranges — his favorite New York City art space of the moment — Karma — and offering his opinions of two of the biggest and newest galleries in Chelsea: Hauser & Wirth’s converted roller-disco on West 18th Street and David Zwirner’s new building on West 20th Street. One of them is vastly superior, in Prince’s estimation. (more…)