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Glenn Ligon and Coco Fusco Among Hundreds on Petition Criticizing NYT Art Reviews

An anonymous petition expressing concern about recent New York Times reviews of women and African-American artists has hit a nerve, sparking a wave of support from some serious bold-faced names. Artists Glenn Ligon and Coco Fusco confirmed to ARTINFO this morning that they had signed the letter, while other (currently unconfirmed) signatories include artists Paul Ramirez Jonas, Janine Antoni, Louise LawlerJulie Mehretu, Kara Walker, and Martha Rosler as well as art historians Rosalyn Deutsche, Miwon Kw0n, and Robert Storr. As of this writing, the petition bears 312 signatures and is growing by the minute. (more…)

Internet Art Subverts the Monetary Ecosystem With Viruses, Spyware, and Leaks

Art on the Internet has to deal with a few central, radical departures from the traditional gallery-and-museum context. Artworks are presumed to be scarce goods valued for their uniqueness, but digital files are freely accessible and sharable online without any loss in viewing experience. There’s no need to pay to own Internet art, acquisitioning is as easy as a right-click of the mouse. There are no gatekeepers to determine what’s visible and what isn’t, but then there’s also no viable system for artists to support themselves.


Chelsea Openings: Button Collages, Rusty Monuments, and Sunken Ships

IN THE AIR made the rounds of a few Chelsea galleries last night and happened upon quite a diverse group of shows that ranged from a delicate series of button collages to sunken-ship sculptures and ‘50s-retro staged photos. Check out our brief tour of April in the art neighborhood below. (more…)