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Mint&Serf Curate a TriBeCa Photography Show


As New York-based graffiti duo Mint&Serf (aka the Mirf) get set to release the seventh edition of their Special Graffiti Unit (SGU) limited edition newsprint, they’re also busy preparing to open… More ›

Another Twist in the Appropriation Debate


A few weeks back, comic artist Chris Eliopoulos spotted something familiar in a series of new paintings by artist Jerry Kearns, on view in his exhibition “RRRGGHH!!!” at Mike Weiss Gallery: his… More ›

Dominique Lévy Coming to London in the Fall


Gallerist Dominique Lévy has announced plans to open a London space by the fall, located within a 19th-century building at 22 Old Bond Street. Lévy’s New York-based gallery works with the… More ›