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The Top Zingers from the New York Times’s Dialogue on the Art Market Bubble

The art world’s favorite conversation topic made it into the New York Times Opinion pages this weekend. The paper’s “Sunday Dialogue” featured nine letters responding to a question posed last week by a man named William Cole (and, of course, by many other writers and pundits before him): Is the art market a bubble? As Cole put it, “How in the world did we get to the point where people pay tens of millions of dollars for works by the likes of Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Damien Hirst?” (more…)

The New York Times to Authors of Ken Johnson Petition: Thanks But No Thanks

The New York Times has responded to a petition that hit a nerve in the art world last month. The letter argued that two recent articles by Ken Johnson used “irresponsible generalities” to examine the work of women and African-American artists. It garnered signatures from scores of well-known art world figures including Coco Fusco and Glenn Ligon. Now, the Times’s culture editor Jonathan Landman has responded to the letter’s authors. In short, Landman says that criticism of his critics is welcome, but he has no plans to censure or restrict Johnson. The entire exchange is reproduced below. (more…)

Petition Protesting Ken Johnson’s NYT Reviews Triples in Size, Adding More Big Names

A petition expressing concern about two New York Times reviews by art writer Ken Johnson has more than tripled in size since yesterday. The letter, which asks the newspaper to address the broader issues raised by recent articles about women and African-American artists, currently boasts 964 names (just short of its 1,000-signature goal). Some of the new additions are quite well-known. (more…)

Glenn Ligon and Coco Fusco Among Hundreds on Petition Criticizing NYT Art Reviews

An anonymous petition expressing concern about recent New York Times reviews of women and African-American artists has hit a nerve, sparking a wave of support from some serious bold-faced names. Artists Glenn Ligon and Coco Fusco confirmed to ARTINFO this morning that they had signed the letter, while other (currently unconfirmed) signatories include artists Paul Ramirez Jonas, Janine Antoni, Louise LawlerJulie Mehretu, Kara Walker, and Martha Rosler as well as art historians Rosalyn Deutsche, Miwon Kw0n, and Robert Storr. As of this writing, the petition bears 312 signatures and is growing by the minute. (more…)

Shipping Container Photography Exhibition Photoville Makes Landfall in Brooklyn

Beginning tomorrow and continuing through July 1, more than 30 shipping containers installed in Brooklyn Bridge Park will play host to the inaugural Photoville, a sprawling photography exhibition featuring containers curated by the Magnum Foundation, Open Society Institute, Photo District News, New York Times, and more. (more…)

10 Things the New York Times Only Just Discovered About Bushwick Galleries

Though it had already declared Brooklyn’s artist-populated Bushwick neighborhood “arguably the coolest place on the planet” two years ago, the New York Times paid another visit to the Brooklyn warehouse district recently, and the resulting Fashion & Style story by Jed Lipinksi is full of reheated insights into the neighborhood’s booming gallery scene — which has recently welcomed Manhattan transplants Luhring Augustine and Kesting/Ray. Readers moderately engaged in the New York art world will find the article very gratifying — if also quite grating — for purporting to reveal so many things that we already knew about Bushwick galleries. (more…)

New York Times’s Novice Architecture Critic Joins Twitter

Yesterday, after publishing his first New York Times architecture review, Michael Kimmelman took things up a notch by starting a reader-response column on the New York Times’s ArtsBeat blog (much like Sam Sifton, ex-food critic, did with the Dining blog). Kimmelman also jumped into the public dialogue with a new Twitter account: @kimmelman.