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Bowdoin Commissions DeRay Mckesson Portrait


DeRay Mckesson, the freshly-minted Baltimore mayoral candidate and Black Lives Matter activist, will be honored by his alma mater, Bowdoin College, with a portrait commissioned from R. Luke DuBois…. More ›

Second Seattle Art Fair Announces Exhibitors


The preliminary list of exhibitors for the Seattle Art Fair’s sophomore outing has been released, and it features one notable absence: Gagosian Gallery, a marquee participant in the… More ›

Prominent Lebanese Curator Denied Passport


Curator Christine Tohme, founder and director of the Lebanese Association for the Plastic Arts, Ashkal Alwan, has been denied a passport renewal by Lebanon’s Directorate of General Security due… More ›

When Nam June Paik Beamed Bowie Around the World


In the week preceding the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the artist Nam June Paik organized a 47-minute international satellite TV program called “Wrap Around the World.”

David Bowie on Art and Artists


The New York Times has reprinted a 1998 interview with David Bowie in which the art school graduate discusses his interests in visual art — both his own and that which he collected. His oeuvre,… More ›