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The New York Times to Authors of Ken Johnson Petition: Thanks But No Thanks

The New York Times has responded to a petition that hit a nerve in the art world last month. The letter argued that two recent articles by Ken Johnson used “irresponsible generalities” to examine the work of women and African-American artists. It garnered signatures from scores of well-known art world figures including Coco Fusco and Glenn Ligon. Now, the Times’s culture editor Jonathan Landman has responded to the letter’s authors. In short, Landman says that criticism of his critics is welcome, but he has no plans to censure or restrict Johnson. The entire exchange is reproduced below. (more…)

In Retrospect: The 2014 Biennial’s 3 Curators Should Include Glenn Beck’s “Piss Obama”

Join us every Saturday as we dive back into the week’s most immersive posts, in retrospect. (more…)

Petition Protesting Ken Johnson’s NYT Reviews Triples in Size, Adding More Big Names

A petition expressing concern about two New York Times reviews by art writer Ken Johnson has more than tripled in size since yesterday. The letter, which asks the newspaper to address the broader issues raised by recent articles about women and African-American artists, currently boasts 964 names (just short of its 1,000-signature goal). Some of the new additions are quite well-known. (more…)

Glenn Ligon and Coco Fusco Among Hundreds on Petition Criticizing NYT Art Reviews

An anonymous petition expressing concern about recent New York Times reviews of women and African-American artists has hit a nerve, sparking a wave of support from some serious bold-faced names. Artists Glenn Ligon and Coco Fusco confirmed to ARTINFO this morning that they had signed the letter, while other (currently unconfirmed) signatories include artists Paul Ramirez Jonas, Janine Antoni, Louise LawlerJulie Mehretu, Kara Walker, and Martha Rosler as well as art historians Rosalyn Deutsche, Miwon Kw0n, and Robert Storr. As of this writing, the petition bears 312 signatures and is growing by the minute. (more…)

Critics to Discuss State of Art Writing in Roundtable at the Housing Works Cafe on Thursday

For Thursday’s roundtable discussion “Art Writing as Craft, Labor, and Art” at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, Occupy Wall Street’s Arts & Labor working group has brought together a cross-section of critics from the city’s foremost publishers of art criticism in media both old and new — from the New York Times’s Ken Johnson and the Village Voice’s Martha Schwendener to Art Fag City editorial director Paddy Johnson, former Artnet editor-in-chief Walter Robinson, and ARTINFO’s executive editor Ben Davis — to discuss the economic and labor issues implicated in writing art criticism. (more…)

10 Art World Power Players Who’ve Posed for Ryan McNamara at Elizabeth Dee Gallery

Elizabeth Dee, Ryan McNamara, Tom Powel, Torn Color Charts, 2012

If you’ve visited Elizabeth Dee Gallery in the last month, you’ve stumbled into something between a photobooth and a photographer’s studio, and been asked by Ryan McNamara (or one of his assistants) to pose for a photo, maybe by yourself, or with a friend, or the stranger who followed you in, either in a ridiculous costume against a psychedelic backdrop, or more simply against a blank background. You’re one of hundreds, and among some of the art world’s most powerful — and ubiquitous — figures. Below are 10 of the most notable people who’ve posed for McNamara. (more…)