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Damien Hirst Prints Stolen From Chilean Museum Recovered; Thieves Still at Large


A pair of Damien Hirst butterfly prints was stolen from the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC) in Santiago, Chile, earlier this month, with one of the works being returned anonymously via courier the next day and the other turning up in a plastic bag in a courtyard at the Universidad Alberto Hurtado. The prints, “Souls III” and “Souls IV,” are valued at over $17,000 each and were on view as part of an exhibition of works belonging to collector Juan Yarur, the Santiago Times reports. (more…)

Wanna Visit Roden Crater? You Just Need to Complete the 82-Stop Tour de Turrell


Light and space artist James Turrell’s decades-in-the-making masterwork, Roden Crater (pictured), is an infamously inaccessible work-in-progress housed in a former volcano in the Arizona desert that is seldom visited by anyone other than collectors, journalists, and friends of the artist. But by the end of the year, thanks to a globe-trotting challenge reminiscent of Damien Hirst and Gagosian’s spot challenge, just about anyone could get themselves invited to the crater — that is, anyone with the time and resources to visit 82 site-specific Turrell installations around the world. (more…)

Instagrams of the Art World: Hydra, Swizz Beatz, and Underwater Selfies

After kicking off the Venice Biennale, and with some time to kill before Art Basel in Switzerland, the art world’s charter set jetted off to Rome, London, and Greece among other places. Here’s what they were up to last week, in their own eyes. Allegedly retired artist Maurizio Cattelan headed to Slaughterhouse, the Deste Foundation Project Space on the Greek isle of Hydra for the June 4 opening of “Urs Fischer: Yes.” Cattelan stands by a sculpture of himself by this year’s Venice Biennale director Massimiliano Gioni. Fischer’s project invites anyone to the space to make their creations out of colored clay. But you have to get there to partake. Why not take a private jet?


Great Ethicist Damien Hirst Turned Down Grand Olympic Commission Over Sponsor Concerns

Is Damien Hirst actually just a big softie? That might be pushing it, but it turns out that he did decline a huge commission — to create a wrap for the 2012 London Olympic stadium — over ethical concerns about Dow Chemicals’s £7 million sponsorship of the project, according to a new book by Danny Boyle, the director of the Games’s opening ceremonies.


Florida Pastor Indicted in Scheme to Sell Fake Damien Hirst Paintings

It may be difficult to make a living as an artist in New York, but it’s even harder to survive as an art thief. On Thursday, Florida pastor and art dealer Kevin Sutherland, 45, was indicted for attempting to sell counterfeit Damien Hirst “spin” and “spot” paintings. New York police arrested Sutherland on February 1 after an undercover detective posing as a collector paid him $185,000 in exchange for the fake artworks. (more…)

Damien Hirst Puts a Clown Nose On His Diamond Skull For Comic Relief Benefit

Damien Hirst has announced plans to repurpose his ultimate exercise in excess, his $100 million diamond-encrusted skull, for good. For a limited-edition series of 50 lithographs, Hirst has printed a version of the skull bearing a red clown nose, and is selling them for £2,500 apiece, the proceeds of which benefit the charity Comic Relief, the BBC reports. One of the prints also goes on view at the Tate London this weekend.


So You Won the Spot Challenge — Now What? The Race to Sell Specialized Hirst Prints

The lucky 128 people who completed the Damien Hirst Spot Challenge last year — traveling to all 11 Gagosian Gallery locations during the global Hirstravaganza — have finally received their special, limited-edition prints. The first step in the process of receiving the print seems to be to publicly comment on how large it is (it measures 59 x 53 inches, and contains 420 individually silk-screened spots). The second step, of course, is to figure out how to sell it. Cristina Ruiz described the process in the Art Newspaper this week.


Twitterati Goes Crazy For Nerdy New Art Meme #EmojiArtHistory

Last night a joke that began as a post consisting of iPhone screenshots showing art historical figures’ works summarized as emojis on the Tumblr blog Speaking Of transformed into a Twitter hashtag — with the help of new media artist Man Bartlett — and the new meme #EmojiArtHistory was born. Ever since, art nerds have been busy articulating the oeuvres of countless artists using the cute icons, from obvious targets like Damien Hirst to historical subjects like Edweard Muybridge. See some of our favorites to date below. (more…)

Pastor Arrested For Pawning Damien Hirst Fakes

Miami pastor Kevin Sutherland was arrested yesterday after forging several Damien Hirst spin and spot paintings that he tried to consign to Sotheby’s last month, the New York Times reports. The auction house rejected the works’ authenticity and notified the police. An officer then posed as a collector and offered to buy a set of them from Sutherland for $185,000. When the deal was set to go down at the Gramercy Park Hotel, police charged him with second-degree grand larceny.


Parsing Gagosian: The Six Best Quotes From NYMag’s Epic Profile of the Art World’s Richest Dealer

Larry Gagosian’s power might be waning (maybe), but the mystery surrounding the infamously press-shy dealer is as appealing as ever — particularly as he fights numerous of legal battles and faces almost a full stable of defecting artists. Eric Konigsburg published a lengthy, in-depth look into the life and career of the art world’s most dominant dealer in New York Magazine this weekend, which will appear in the January 28 print issue. (more…)