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Breaking News: Charles Saatchi Gets a Haircut

There have been some incredibly important reports about Charles Saatchi’s hair this week. “Saatchi, 71, has been sporting his business-like short back and sides since December, and the new ‘do appeared to have been given a rather youthful, spiky flourish ahead of his latest outing,” the Daily Mail writes, breaking the story (see their shocking photo evidence here). In an enlightening follow-up article, the Daily Mirror calls the art collector “almost unrecognizable.” (more…)

Checklist: Hirst’s Town Gets Go Ahead, Lucian Freud’s Son Loses Suit, and More

— Hirst’s Town Gets Go Ahead: The seaside town outside of Ilfracombe that Damien Hirst has been plotting to build for years has received official approval from the North Devon council’s planning committee. Some locals have complained that the project, which is set to have 750 homes, a school, playgrounds, shops, offices and a health center, is too large. “Several members of the public spoke at the meeting, some saying the scheme was too big for the town and would put a huge strain on its roads and services,” wrote the North Devon Gazette. [TAN]


Damien Hirst Sells Out Spotty Mickey Print at His Recently Opened New York Store

Yesterday, Damien Hirst opened the first US retail location for his arts-based publishing company Other Criteria. Located at 458 Broome Street in SoHo, the two-story, 3000-square-foot store kicked off with two special editions of Hirst’s “Mickey” silkscreen print, which he originally created in collaboration with the Walt Disney company back in January. The store has already sold out of the larger sized version of the print, which was made in an edition of 50 and started at $9,400. Prints of the 250-run smaller size are still up for grabs and start at $5,400.


Yarn Bombers Put Socks on Hirst Statue

Jokesters in Devon, UK have played an April Fool’s prank on Damien Hirst by adding a pair of stripy socks to his statue “Verity.” Locals in Ilfracombe, where the statue is located, were the first to spot the monument’s new attire and a group called the Ilfracombe Knitting Bombers have since claimed responsibility for the prank.


Edible Masterpieces to Raise Money for Art Fund

“Love art? Bake art!” is the slogan of Edible Masterpieces, an innovative new fundraising campaign organized by the Art Fund. The UK’s national fundraising charity aims to support museums and galleries there with a giant bake-off day on May 9.


Instagrams of the Art World: The Too Young To Fail Edition with Smith, Murillo, and Cortright

Among the names that regularly grace the major auctions — Bacon, Koons, Richter —  next week in London, contemporary art sales at Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and Phillips will be touting works by much greener contenders, young artists some of whom have never been at auction before and others who have only been at auction once or twice. In response, there has been a lot of chatter on the internet recently about the IPO-like fervor that surrounds the auctioning of works by these young artists before they’ve had a chance to mature as artists, let alone as humans, and the potentially deleterious effect to their careers that speculating on their work can have. We’ve checked in with Instagram to see how some of these young artists, and in some cases dealers and collectors, are handling all of the attention pre-auction. Here’s what we found.


Top 10 Names for the Town Damien Hirst Is Building in England


Because ringing the planet with spot paintings wasn’t enough, British wealthy person and artist Damien Hirst is planning to build a whole town from scratch in Devon, on a section of his Winsham Farm property. The planning application Hirst submitted to North Devon Council calls for 750 homes, a school, offices, sports fields, stores, and other trappings of a 3,000-person community, according to the Telegraph. But what to name this gloomy little hamlet? Alarmed residents of nearby Ilfracombe — who have to see his “Verity” sculpture every day — have already nicknamed the proposed town “Hirst-on-Sea,” but ARTINFO has come up with 10 more options. (more…)

Instagrams of the Art World: Arty Halloween Costumes With “Hirst,” “Koons,” and “Trash”

Of course, a lady in a Roy Lichtenstein would head to the Whitney Museum Halloween Party. (more…)

Funny Dada: Notes From Hrag Vartanian’s Talk on Humor in Art Criticism


“How can I write something funny without putting someone down?” Hyperallergic co-founder and editor-in-chief Hrag Vartanian asked last night to the audience at the New York Studio School. “That’s a huge challenge.” The preceding talk had surveyed the role of humor in art criticism from the days of Denis Diderot viciously dismissing inept academicians up through William Powhida drawing out the art market’s insider trading, Hennessy Youngman cutting down Damien Hirst, and the New Yorker’s delicious Matthew Day Jackson takedown. (more…)

Joana Vasconcelos, Yinka Shonibare, and Others Customized Stormtrooper Helmets for Charity


The U.K.’s ArtBelow, a non-profit that installs contemporary art in the London Underground, has tapped 14 artists — including Damien Hirst, Joana Vasconcelos (above), Yinka Shonibare (below), Jake & Dinos Chapman, D*Face (at bottom), and more — to created customized Stormtrooper helmets for a charity auction. The Stormtrooper, infantryman of the evil Empire in the “Star Wars” film series, is recognizable by its distinctive all-white helmet, which all the artists transformed for the upcoming auction. (more…)