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Another Twist in the Appropriation Debate

A few weeks back, comic artist Chris Eliopoulos spotted something familiar in a series of new paintings by artist Jerry Kearns, on view in his exhibition “RRRGGHH!!!” at Mike Weiss Gallery: his own artwork. Eliopoulos, who, until the opening of the show, was unaware that his work had been appropriated by Kearns, took to Twitter to claim that fonts he created and owned had be stolen. (more…)

Japanese Manga Editor Defends Fukushima Art

When a recent episode of “Oishinbo,” a popular Japanese manga series, hit stands Monday it included a controversial panel featuring characters that suffer nose bleeds due to radiation caused by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster of 2011. The cooking-themed comic book — which has now been suspended indefinitely — runs in Big Comic Spirits magazine and is authored by Tetsu Kariya, whose numerous visits to the plant compelled him to pen the story. (more…)

Graphic Artists Highlight Roy Lichtenstein’s Use of Vintage Comics in London Show


Roy Lichtenstein may be famous for his comic-style paintings, which were recently shown in a retrospective at the Tate, but his work is forever indebted to the graphic artists he borrowed heavily from, such as Irv Novick, John Romita, and Russell Heath. London’s Orbital Comics Gallery explored the origins of the artist’s famously appropriated imagery in a just-closed show bringing together canonical comics artists. (more…)

Spain Rodriguez, Zap Comix Artist and S.F. Mural Promoter, Has Died at Age 72

Manuel “Spain” Rodriguez, an influential indie comics artist who, along with R. Crumb and Robert Williams, was one of the original contributors to Zap Comix, has died at age 72 after a six-year battle with cancer, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. He was also a founding member of the mural movement in San Francisco’s mural movement, and remained active until his death at his S.F. home on Wednesday — he put the finishing touches on a poster for a Woodie Guthrie tribute concert honoring the labor movement this weekend. (more…)

A New Online Social Network Changes the Landscape For Collectibles Traders

Are you a serious collector of comics? Tried searching for that rare X-Man issue on eBay, Comic Art Fans, or one of the many other online auction sites out there with little luck? Curicon, a new hybrid social network and marketplace out of Australia, came to New York Comic Con this weekend to tell fans it’s here to solve just such woes. (more…)

MOCA Launches Social Media Superhero Drawing Contest in Time for NY Comic Con

Comic book fever is in the air. New York Comic Con is finally here, and the Museum of Chinese in America has just opened their concurrent exhibitions “Marvels & Monsters” and “Alt. Comics.” The shows (already surveyed by ARTINFO) chronicle the history of Asian contributions to comics over the years, along with interactive displays of iconic characters and original artwork. Just as crowds are set to don the costumes of their favorite fictional villains and heroes, MOCA is offering fans a chance to win prizes for putting their fantasies to paper. (more…)

Nicolas Cage’s Superman Comic Sells for $2.2 Million at Online Auction

A copy of the first issue of “Action Comics” — the comic that introduced Superman to the world — sold online at for $2.2 million Wednesday (est. $1.1 million). This specific copy is not only one of “the most important comic in the history of comics,” according to ComicConnect, but also is of exceptionally high quality and has a storied provenance, including a high-profile theft from the home of Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage.