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Utah Art Center’s Eviction Suit Settled


The Central Utah Art Center, which was evicted by the city of Ephraim from its Pioneer Square space of two decades last year after city officials were offended by a number of nude artworks featured in its exhibition program, will receive $60,000 from the 6,000-person town as a settlement in its federal lawsuit, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. Members of the town government maintained that the eviction and cutting of $30,000 in funding were due to disappointing outreach programs at the CUAC, while members of the Art Center alleged that the decision was motivated by censorship. (more…)

Spanish Artist Defends “Punching Franco”


The Madrid-based artist Eugenio Merino has received a complaint from the Fundación Nacional Francisco Franco over his sculpture of the ruthless Spanish dictator, “Punching Franco,” the Agence France-Press reports. The sculpture, which features a hyperrealist sculpture of Franco’s head made from silicone and outfitted with human hair mounted on a springy stand, is activated when viewers punch it. (more…)

South African Artist’s “Walk-In Vagina” Installation Draws Locals’ Ire


A giant “walk-in vagina” installation (not the one pictured above) created by South African artist Reshma Chhiba, as part of the country’s Women’s Month celebrations, has become a site of contention as several members of the South African Hindu population have condemned the enormous yoni on social media. “With all the abuse on women in this country the last thing we need is to showcase a vagina,” one woman wrote on Facebook.


Russian Police Seize Painting of Putin Wearing Women’s Underwear in St. Petersburg


Russian police confiscated several portraits of political leaders during a raid on Tuesday, according to a report by the dpa. The paintings by Konstantin Altunin were part of project space the Museum of Authority’s inaugural exhibition, “The Rulers.” In total four paintings were taken from the show, including one portraying Russian president Vladimir Putin and prime minister Dmitry Medvedev in women’s underwear, in order for police to examine them for legal violations. (more…)

Ukrainian Museum Director Destroys Artwork, Says “You Cannot Criticize the Homeland”

Natalia-ZabolotnaDays before the opening of a new exhibition at Kiev’s Mystetskyi Arsenal museum, its director Natalia Zabolotna (pictured) destroyed one of the pieces included in the show, a mural by Volodymyr Kuznetsov, which Zabolotna considered to be immoral, reports Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. The “Great And Grand” exhibition coincides with the Baptism of Kievan Rus, a holiday celebrating the region’s proud history, culture and religion – which the show intends to reflect. Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych was due to visit the museum the day after Zabolotna spray-painted over Kuznetsov’s work-in-progress mural. (more…)

Pussy Riot Member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova Denied Parole

pussy-riot-parole-deniedNadezhda Tolokonnikova, one of the two members of the Russian anarchist punk group Pussy Riot currently serving two-year sentences at prison camps after their anti-Putin performance in a Moscow cathedral last February, was denied an early release by a Russian court on Friday because, she claims, she “didn’t repent” for her actions, the Associated Press reports. Under Russian law, inmates can seek early release after serving half of a prison sentence, and Tolokonnikova has been in custody since last March. In February she was hospitalized due to fatigue and sickness. (more…)

Museum Visitor Demands Censorship of 19th Century Erotic Whale Bone Carvings


A visitor to the Vancouver Maritime Museum (VMM) was taken aback by the institution’s new exhibition “Tattoos and Scrimshaw: The Art of the Sailor,” which opened earlier this month and includes tattoo art and bone carvings by sailors including, according to Ann Pimentel, scrimshaw so graphic it qualifies as “whale bone porn.” “The Museum have [sic] a new exhibit called Scrimshaw which features numerous images of inappropriate nature (oral sex, sex, nudity, male anatomy etc.) on tusks,” Pimentel wrote in a post quoted by the National Post. “As a mother and a teacher I was extremely disturbed and believe these pieces of ‘art’ should be removed.” (more…)

Saatchi Gallery Latest Victim of Facebook Censors’ Rampage Due to Iconic Dali Photo


After Facebook’s censors over-zealously took down a Laure Albin Guillot photograph from the Jeu de Paume’s page and an image of a Gerhard Richter painting from that of the Centre Pompidou, London’s Saatchi Gallery has become the latest victim of the social network’s aesthetic obscurantism. Gallery director Rebecca Wilson told ARTINFO via email that the latest of several offending image that Facebook has removed from their page — and threatened to shut down their account over — is Salvador Dalí and photographer Philippe Halsman’s 1951 collaboration “Voluptas Mors” (above). (more…)

Statue of God-on-Goat Action Earns British Museum’s Pompeii Show a Parental Warning


A statue of the Roman half-goat, half-man god Pan — who was the Greeks’ god of the wild — getting wild with a female goat (see above) has proven so NSFW (or, in this case, NSFM) that the British Museum has placed a parental advisory in the gallery where it will be on view as part of the upcoming exhibition “Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum.” The statue was excavated from beneath some 100 feet of Volcanic ash that enveloped the Villa of the Papyri, the residence of Julius Caesar’s father-in-law Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus, on the slope Mount Vesuvius. (more…)

Facebook Censors Paris’s Jeu de Paume, Threatens To Deactivate the Museum’s Account

After censoring a Gerhard Richter nude on the Pompidou Center’s page last summer, Facebook is at it again. The social network removed a 1940 photograph of a partially nude woman from the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume’s page and even disabled the museum’s account for 24 hours because of its infringement of Facebook community standards. (more…)