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Original Batmobile for Sale (DC Geeks, Start Your Engines)

Luxury car auctions may not quite be everyone’s bag, but a lot going up at Heritage Auctions in Dallas on December 6 should snag some serious attention, if only because, you guys — you guys it’s the Batmobile. As in, the Batmobile — the first-known DC Comics–licensed model from 1963, even predating the version that appeared on the Batman TV show in 1965. (Apparently, it was built by an independent mechanic just for kicks in his New Hampshire garage, before a DC-affiliated dairy company leased it and toured from town to town to promote Batman-themed fruit drinks.) Okay, sure, it may not be that high-tech, Hum-Vee-esque, explodes-into-a-motorcycle deal Christian Bale drives in The Dark Knight, but given its recently restored swooping black exterior, complete with red accenting, the swank factor is high. So, for those DC enthusiasts holding onto some priceless first editions, this may be the time to hit eBay and drum up the estimated $500,000 needed for this pinnacle of vintage comics cred. If nothing else, you’d be ensured some sweet Caped Crusader–themed LARPing.


Original Concept Art of the Joker by “Batman” Producer Michael Uslan Goes to Auction

Michael Uslan, the man who bought the rights to “Batman” and is more or less responsible for the big screen rebirth of the “Dark Knight,” is auctioning off his original concept art for Jack Nicholson’s terrifyingly comedic turn as the Joker in Tim Burton’s 1989 blockbuster adaptation. (more…)