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10 Extreme Responses To Obama’s Art History Jab on Social Media


Art historians and art worlders are up in arms about U.S. President Barack Obama’s ill-worded comments while in Wisconsin on Thursday, in which he encouraged young adults to pursue vocational training and skilled manufacturing over potentially less lucrative degrees in art history. But amid the inevitable flood of angry emails he received — despite preemptively asking people not to flood his inbox — it seems like the real message got lost in the mix. (more…)

Colleges Compete for Obama Presidential Museum


The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) has thrown its varsity jacket into the ring in an increasingly competitive field of colleges interested in housing the future presidential library and museum of Barack Obama, adding to the list of schools that are vying for the opportunity, the Chicago Tribune reports. President Obama will make the call himself, having to choose between the University of Hawaii, Chicago State University, the University of Chicago (where Obama taught), and now UIC, as well as others. (more…)

Satiric Article About President Obama Funding Museum of Muslim Cultures Fools Fox News


The best satiric art news is frightfully similar to the real art news, and a recent article by the comedy news site the National Report about President Barack Obama using his personal funds to keep the International Museum of Muslim Cultures open during the government shutdown proved irresistible to “Fox & Friends” co-host Anna Kooiman, who cited the article as fact during a discussion of the World War II monument’s closure, according to Media Matters. (more…)

Shepard Fairey Likes Those NSA-Themed Remixes of His Obama “Hope” Poster


Given the legal battle, probation, and $25,000 fine that ensued when street artist Shepard Fairey was found to have appropriated an Associated Press photograph without permission to create his iconic “Hope” poster for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, it would have been crazy for him to pick a bone with the artists who have recently re-made the famous design as a commentary on the recent National Security Agency scandal. But just in case, the Los Angeles Times asked Fairey what he thinks of the remixes — which feature the slogan “Yes We Scan,” a parody of Obama’s “Yes We Can” rallying cry, and an image of the president wearing headphones, presumably to listen in on average Americans’ phone calls — and he loves them. (more…)

Visit to Bush Museum Radically Changes Obama’s Position on Iraq, The Onion Reports


During Wednesday’s inauguration event for the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the ex-prez expressed the incredible impact that his oft-discussed painting practice has had on his life, and according to satirical news site The Onion a visit to the new Dallas museum proved similarly transformative for current U.S. President Barack Obama. (more…)

See Ai Weiwei’s Work and Words Projected Onto D.C.’s Newseum During Inuaguration Weekend

Though he remains banned from traveling outside China, artist and activist Ai Weiwei made a surprise appearance during Barack Obama’s second inaugural weekend, with several quotations and an image from his 1995 work “Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn” being projected onto the façade of the Newseum. (more…)

Can You Identify the Mystery Sculpture in the Viral Obama-Spiderman Kid Photo?

The third most remarkable feature — or the fourth, if you count Barack Obama’s hilarious pose reflected in the mirror as he falls back from a tiny Spider Man’s attack — of White House photographer Pete Souza’s viral snapshot of the U.S. President is a dark, column-like abstract sculpture near the image’s center whose title and maker remain a mystery. (more…)

NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman Remembers the Late Will Barnet

On Tuesday the American painter and printmaker Will Barnet died at age 101 in his home at New York’s National Arts Club, where he lived for the last three decades of his life. Eight months before his death, on February 13, Barnet was honored in a ceremony at the White House, where he was among the artists who received the National Medal of Arts from President Barack Obama (pictured). In a statement released this morning, National Endowment for the Arts chairman Rocco Landesman remembered that event, and reflected on the beloved painter’s life and work. (more…)

Critics Riled by the Cost of Obama Cabinet Portraits

Based on spending records at federal agencies and military offices across the government, the Washington Post reported $180,000 in expenditures on official portraits for members of the White House cabinet last year. Details about the commissions have drawn the ire of Taxpayers for Common Sense spokesperson David Ellis, who argues the money could be better spent elsewhere. (more…)

In Retrospect: Obama’s Re-election Was the Best News the Art World Could Get, Post-Sandy

Join us every Saturday as we re-elect the week’s most mustachioed posts, in retrospect. (more…)