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Here Are Your 2014 Independent Fair Participants


The Independent, the art fair co-founded by gallerists Elizabeth Dee and Darren Flook back in 2010 that takes place in the Chelsea building formerly occupied by the Dia Art Foundation during Armory Week, will return this year for its fifth edition, running March 6-9. The organizers announced the participating galleries on Monday morning, with a lineup of 56 exhibitors — up from 40 last year — including a predictably strong U.S. and European contingent, as well as outliers like Labor and House of Gaga from Mexico City, Istanbul’s Protocinema, and Mendes Wood DM from São Paulo. (more…)

Watch “Complaints Choir of Chicago,” the Moving Image Fair’s Funniest Video


In case you missed last week’s third edition of Moving Image, the Armory Week video art fair, you owe it to yourself to at least watch the funniest featured artwork — Vines notwithstanding — Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen’s “Complaints Choir of Chicago” (2007, embedded below). (A close second that bears mentioning was Marko Mäetamm’s “Car Ride,” from 2008.) (more…)

Art World Missed Connections: Armory Week Party Meet, MAD Museum Cat Call, and More

robert-greene-heartWe are happy to have found a nice variety of Art World Missed Connections this week as we mark the series’ first anniversary. Today’s selection takes us from a tequila-fueled Armory Week party in Williamsburg to a pair of MoMA PS1 visitors who really dug each other, by way of a classy cat-caller outside the Museum of Arts and Design. Let’s start with the one involving people taking body shots as a pretense of contributing to a participatory performance art piece. (more…)

Armory Week Meme Watch: Scores of Skulls Haunt the Armory Show


In our second batch of Armory Week 2013 trend-spotting, ARTINFO noted a conspicuous common thread between this year’s Armory Show and last spring’s first Frieze New York: an overabundance of skull imagery. Perhaps, in its centennial edition, the Armory Show has become subconsciously obsessed with death; or, in a Poevian twist, perhaps all these carefully crafted craniums portend the fair’s fear of its own demise. (It could also be that skulls have always been and remain a popular image.) Whatever the case, right upon entering Pier 94 we spotted Andrew Lord’s “two modeled skulls and base, the Bowery, August, 7pm (II)” (2007, above), and from there on the skulls just kept coming. (more…)

Free Beer! No, Really, Heike Strelow’s Booth at Volta Has Free Beer (But it’s Coors Light)


Since 2005, Volta has cemented its identity as the Armory Show’s cool and trendy little sister. This year Volta helps reinforce that image with a hip downtown address and open, inviting booths sprawling over two floors at 82 Mercer, a light-filled former warehouse in SoHo. Then there is, well, um, the free beer. (more…)

Kysa Johnson’s Cosmic Bank Office at the Armory Is a Showstopper

The Armory Show seems a bit same-y this year, and fairly conservative. This atmosphere makes the booths that are truly different stand out all the more, though, and one of these is definitely to be found at Morgan Lehman’s stand. There, Kysa Johnson has completely taken over the space with a full-scale recreation of a Bank of America waiting room, complete with chairs and the looming BoA logo, all of it composed out of black board. The furniture and walls alike are covered with ghostly chalk drawings that come together, from a certain angle, to depict a totally new image: a plunging vista of Roman ruins (inspired by Piranesi). Viewed up close, these chalk sketches are, in turn, composed of jittery clouds of symbols, the notations for various subatomic particles (a brainy device which one of this New York artist’s signature). (more…)

Duke Riley Giving Away Prints at the Armory Show, But You Gotta Make Them Yourself


Budget buyers looking for a bargain at this year’s Armory Show should head straight to the “Focus:USA” section, where Duke Riley has set up a makeshift printing facility in his solo booth at Magnan Metz, and is giving away prints for free, the only catch being that you have to make them yourself — and wait in line a considerable while in order to do so. “Given the financial exclusivity of most of the works exhibited in art fairs, I decided to give the print away for free,” Riley wrote on Facebook this morning. “Its exclusivity is of a different nature. The catch is you have to be willing to wait in line and take the time to print it yourself, on site.” (more…)

Everyone Loves Tony Tasset’s Dirty Snowman Sculpture at Kavi Gupta’s Armory Show Booth


With preview day of the 2013 Armory Show officially behind us, we can safely say that, aside from Gagosian’s garish Warhol-camouflaged booth, the most photogenic artwork of the fair thus far has been Tony Tasset’s “Snowman with Yellow Glove” (2013, pictured), installed just outside expansionist Chicago gallerist Kavi Gupta’s booth. (more…)

Curators Kyle Chayka and Marina Galperina Bring the Vanguard of Vine to the Moving Image


One of the new additions to the Moving Image art fair of video art and film this year aims to harness the new video app Vine for the purposes of high art. Co-curators (and art writers extraordinaire) Marina Galperina and Kyle Chayka have solicited six-second videos from artists including Tatiana Berg, William Powhida (work pictured), Ryder Ripps, and others, which are on display at the fair in the special exhibition “The Shortest Video Art Ever Sold” (#SVAES), where visitors can buy the single-edition works and, for an extra fee, have the artist tweet it at them in recognition of their purchase. Amid preparing the artists’ Vines, Galperina and Chayka took some time to explain the project to ARTINFO. (more…)

Armory Week Meme Watch: A Show of Hands at the SPRING/BREAK Art Fair


As we do whenever we’re faced with an eye-exhausting, mind-numbing number of art fairs, ARTINFO is on the lookout for recurring images, motifs, techniques, and media at the Armory Week fairs in New York City. While waiting for our speculative whale art prophecy to pan out, we did notice a lot — as in hundreds — of sculptures of hands at this year’s SPRING/BREAK Art Show. (more…)